Monday, 30 April 2012

Lipstick Journey - Part Two

I just wanted to thank all my lovely followers for the comment on my last lipstick post! 

Sorry for my lack of really long posts at the moment ladies! I'm so rushed off my feet with University work that I can barely stop to breath! I hope you can all forgive me! I just have so much to share with you though that I just want to keep posting! Short posts are better than no posts though right?


Monday Motivation #3

Monday Motivation #3

A simple one today, but without belief I never get very far.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Kukee Jewellery

A few days ago I received my order from, the cutest little jewellery site which I just love! I could have spent an absolute fortune on there, but I tried to be a little bit restrained and get a few little bits.

A very pretty surprise...

So on Thursday morning I was woken up by the postman, but not with my normal BB swapping parcels, but a big box labelled Next flowers, exciting!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

NOTD: Bow & Topshop

The nails of the day today are Bow by Nails Inc The Fuschia's Bright, I absolutely love this name, I do have to chuckle when a nail polish has a great name!

Cake International 2012

On Friday I was lucky enough to be invited to Cake International as press, me and my friend love covering these events and producing little promotional videos for the event holders. I just had to share some pictures with you guys, I wish I could share them all, but I took over 200! Here are my favourite cakes - I also found my dream wedding cake... now to get married, hmmm!

The wedding cake!!


Friday, 27 April 2012

17 Eyes: Metallic Eyes

I'm such a boring fart when it comes to eye make-up, I just keep it uber simple. You'd never catch me in bright or bold colours. I just stick to my neutral colours, not that it's a bad thing of course! A friend of mine brought this when we ventured to Boots recently and I just had to try it! It comes in this shimmery palette, but also in a matt version! This version however is called Metallic Toffee, which I just love. My little Boots only had three versions of this trio palette, but I just noticed online that they have LOADS of different ones, so think I might have to check the others out!

I'm having a bit of a love affair with 17 at the moment, the products are just fantastic and I think pretty soon that my whole make-up bag is going to be full of the items in their collection. What's best is that the prices are sooo good! 

Hope you enjoy my pictures and swatches of this item, it's definitely one of my favourites at the moment!

17 Eyes Palettes are available in store at Boots and online here, for £5.49.


NOTD: Basil Street

I finally got my hands on some Nails Inc polishes and I could not wait to try them out, I'm always looking for the next brand to try and Nails Inc seemed like an obvious choice.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

NOTD: 17 Parma Violet

In Boots recently they've had loads of offers for Advantage Card holders when you put your card in the little machine and I picked this up on a bit of wim to get my free pressed powder. But I can't express how impressed I am.

Weekly Wants #10 - MAC Cosmetics

A little change from my weekly wants I've had recently, I've come away from the home ware and on to the make up again! I don't think I'll be in a position where I can shop at MAC Cosmetics anytime soon, but I'd love to be able to own some bits and pieces one day, these are some bits and pieces that I'd love to try this week! Would love to know what you think of MAC if you've tried some bits and pieces!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

NOTD: Topshop Cyclone

I had been dying to get hold of something from the Topshop beauty range for a very long time, so when the lovely Ame from the Beauty Swapping page had this beauty I was pretty excited! 


Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Motivation #2

Monday Motivation #2

This quote means more than a lot to me, although it's not directly motivational, it has great thought behind it. My Dad taught me this little prayer when I was six years old, a year after my Mum passed away. He used it to explain life to me and to learn the difference between what I can act to change and the things I have to accept. It's something I'll keep with me forever.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

NOTD: Nails Inc Mulled Wine

I thought I'd try out one of my new Nails Inc polishes today! It's a little mini Nails Inc mulled wine, it's such a beautiful colour! I also tried something a little different and put glitter on the tips using my H&M Spark Me Up - see my first review on this here.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

It's the season for... funky sunglasses

I just had to share with you some funky sunglasses, some a little more wacky than others, but all very cool. I dare you all to wear the Ice Cream glasses!

Cheap Essential - £3.99 H&M

Thursday, 19 April 2012

NOTD: Barry M

I thought I'd try something a little different with my nails today and go for a mixture of colours. I absolutely ADORE Barry M, for the price it's an absolutely fantastic nail brand. It just performs great compared to other cheap polishes on the market!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Weekly Wants #9 - Emma Bridgewater

I hope one day I'm rich and famous enough to buy all my crockery from Emma Bridgewater, but until then I'll have to just dream away!


Monday Motivation #1

Monday today means a week of stress, as I return to University and as I prepare to film a eight-minute film this week and prepare a total of four massive assignments for submission. I thought today would be a great day to start my new blog feature;

Monday Motivation

I think everyone needs a little pick-me-up on a Monday Morning, so from now on I'll be posting a inspiration quote, picture or memo to get us through the week! I hope you enjoy the new feature and that it helps spur you on for the rest of the week!

When mind is Weak, situation is Problem. When mind is balanced, situation is Challenge. But, when mind is Strong, situation becomes Opportunity.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

NOTD - Maxfactor Mini's addiction

I've wanted to try the Maxfactor minis collection of nail varnishes for a while now, they are raved about by fellow bloggers and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


I've mentioned the swapping page a couple of times and I think it's safe to say I'm addicted, not just to the page, but to nail varnish. I know right? That's not new news, but I can't help it, I love nail varnish. At least I can admit I'd addicted though right?

I wanted to share this quick post with you to show off the large collection I've obtained in just three swaps, I'm a rather spoilt lady! I have no idea how I'm going to get through them all and have a ton more on the way, I can't wait for them to arrive!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dream Touch Blush 02 - Swatches

I've never used a cream blush in my life and actually I still haven't, I've only had the guts so far to give this a little swatch! It's got a great feel and texture, much like the Dream Matte Mousse that I'm addicted to, which I just love! I love the finish it has and the colour! I think its about time I stop being a wimp and give it a whirl! 


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Avon 6-in-1 Palette

Yet another beautiful product that I swapped with the beautiful ladies on Facebook! I do love trying all these different brands out that I wouldn't normally look twice at!

Collection turns 25!

I recently won a competition from the newly branded Collection, from the old Collection 2000.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Weekly Wants #8 - The Gifted Penguin

This week I thought I'd pick some favourite items from The Gifted Penguin, it's kind of an expensive dotcomgiftshop! Hope you like my picks! 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Just want to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter! I hope you all have had a great bank holiday and enjoy the rest of your break! I went to Thorpe Park on Thursday and on the side of the motorway there are a ton of sheep and a load of little lambs, possibly the cutest thing ever! Everyone kept telling me to shhh as I kept squealing at them all! Happy Spring!



Saturday, 7 April 2012

NOTD: So Laque Ultra Shine Polish

Todays NOTD is a Bourjois Paris number (number 21 to be exact) named Cerise Noir.
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