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About Hope, Freedom, Love

Hope, Freedom, Love was started in October 2011. It started as an outlet for my love for writing and a place to put the world to rights, but it's since turned into a place to ramble about all my favourite products and brands.

The Hope, Freedom, Love blog aims to talk about all different aspects of day-to-day life. With a focus on beauty and lifestyle, recipes, gift giving, home decor and even DIY! 

Having Hope, Freedom, Love is a fantastic hobby and I really hope that others enjoy reading it to! I read every single comment and I aim to reply to them all too! 

About Stephanie Usher

I'm 25 years old and I live in Hertfordshire. My work life revolves around marketing for a technology company, but I come from a background of video production. I'm a graduate in Television and Video Production which means that my passion for cameras keeps me very busy! I'm currently planning a 2018 wedding with my fiancĂ© Chris, who I've shared my life with for 7 years. I'm a huge fan of coffee dates and I never need convincing to enjoy Afternoon Tea with a glass of prosecco! 
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