Monday, 30 April 2012

Lipstick Journey - Part Two

I just wanted to thank all my lovely followers for the comment on my last lipstick post! 

Sorry for my lack of really long posts at the moment ladies! I'm so rushed off my feet with University work that I can barely stop to breath! I hope you can all forgive me! I just have so much to share with you though that I just want to keep posting! Short posts are better than no posts though right?

I spoke a few days ago about my venture into the lipstick world! I've never had lipstick as my staple item in my make-up bag and I think its time to start. Here is another lipstick for me to throw in the "not for me pile" - sadly. This one is a 17 lipstick in shade Bon Bon, it's a lot darker than the one I tried from the MUA range, but still not one that suits my skin tone or lips. I just feel like I look like a 14 year old girl when I wear lipstick, it just doesn't seem to suit me! 

I'm sure I'll find one soon! Red is next on my list! I think I also need to buy some lip liners/brushes as my Cupid's bow is basically non-existent!

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