Friday, 20 January 2012

I turned 20 & my first ever outfit post!

Me and Chris in the early hours
So yes, as of today my teenage years are over and I'm officially 20.
I'm very happy to be 20 actually, no regrets on leaving my teen years behind, after all they were just filled with education and strops right? This all changed when I joked about making a "Things to do before I'm 30" list, realising that in fact that list would probably include "Get married" and "Have kids". I think if I write that list I'll grow up way too quickly! I don't find myself being excited for a birthday anymore, that's not to say I don't love having a birthday and having a day all to myself. I had a great day and everyone really spoilt me which was lovely! 

Chris gave me my presents at the strike of 12. I finally got my hands on a copy of both of Adele's albums and a the new 2012 heart silver Pandora which I love! Its just added to my list of charms Chris has added to my bracelet which are all milestones in my life, you can read about them all using the link above!

He also treated me to the biggest fry up I've possibly ever, ever seen.
I then went to see my Uni friends, we handed in our final documentary and headed to Costa for birthday celebrations! I got some gorgeous presents (even if they do make me feel a bit old!) the tea pot I've been lusting over forever and a silicone baking set from Amber and beautiful tea-towels from Luke and Michael! 

I even got treated to a vanilla latte from Amber! What a babe!
Had a quick shopping trip to Next, as I was under strict instructions to be back by half-one by Chris, and when I got back he'd made a full "light lunch" which was an Italian feast! All my favourites! Mushrooms and mozzarella, carbonara and farmhouse pizza! What a hopeless romantic eh! You should've seen the absolute state of my kitchen though, he can cook, but there's no way he can do it in a clean fashion! There wasn't a clean plate, saucepan, knife, fork or utensil in sight! Remind me not to late him have free reign on my kitchen again!

All the mess aside, couldn't even contemplate eating the lot though, I was still stuffed from breakfast! He'd gone the whole hog, romantic setting, lots of little roses, heart shaped truffles, and lots of candles! Rose wine and he'd even brought some beautiful cakes from Wish Cakes, the lady from my 2 minute documentary! The cakes were stunning, the famous Cookie Monster cakes from the documentary and some beautiful vanilla ones with butterflies and flowers on the top, almost too pretty to eat! I love them!

Me and Cath got on like a house on fire when we were making the documentary and she brought me a birthday present! Cute! She got me a little Cath Kidston cosmetic purse which I just love! I clearly spent far too long talking to her about the things I adore! Chris had to head off to work unfortunately which sucked! But when he got home we ordered my favourite, Chinese! It's definitely been a day stocked with food! 
All the happiness made me pluck up the courage to post my first ever outfit post! I've been making a habit of wearing my leggings and black vest-top combo with my different shirts over the top. Although it is naughty and a bit bland, It gives me a big boost of confidence as it gives me a much slimmer silhouette! I don't care what people say about "leggings as trousers" if I'm happy that's all that matters! This shirt is my Christmas bargain! It's originally £25 from Republic, but I nabbed it for £4.50, yes £4.50(!) in the sales!

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