Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Amazing kitsch websites

Trinklet plate £2.95
Whilst reading Cosmo last night, I noticed a page right at the end where they were advertising gifts for Valentines Day, they were all really lovely kitsch items, which was obviously right up my alley. They were all websites I had never heard of before, so I checked them out and they are amazing!

I especially liked this one; dotcomgiftshop I fell in love with everything on there and think I'll be making a small order this afternoon.

This is how they describe themselves;
Dotcomgiftshop offers customers a wide range of gifts for her and for him, exclusively designed or sourced by our in-house team. They are a little bit quirky, often quite kitsch and surprisingly stylish - you'll find vintage style kitchenware alongside glamorous baroque Chandeliers

Bird £1
Saucepan £2.95
Travelcard Wallet 50p
This is another great one Gifts from Handpicked a little more expensive than the last, but that's because they don't have a mad sale on at the moment.

"When buying unique gifts, or a treat for yourself, you want to know you're getting something special. This is why we founded The Handpicked Collection."

Days of the Week Pegs £2.95

Decorative Cream Heart Wire Photo Holder £9.95

East of India Boat - There is no set path £3.95

Gifted Penguin my least favourite of the three, most expensive, but still some beautiful stuff.

This is how they describe themselves;
Here at gifted penguin we offer a fantastic & unique range of contemporary gifts and home accessories. Looking for that special something for a special someone? Look no further...

Heart shaped hook £1
2 Cath Kidston mugs £9.99
Take a look, you won't be disappointed!
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