Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Birthday presents from Mum

My birthday pressies from Mum finally arrived Yesterday, after the long wait of her winding me up about what to expect!
They are all beautiful, she's definitely been listening to the things I love recently! She brought me some beautiful shabby chic style ornament things, I've been lusting over this metal bird and heart ever since I brought my peace thing last year! They are so cute! This mini LOVE sign is gorgeous too, it's small too so I can practically put it anywhere, which is nice as all the other ones I've seen would take up loads of space.

I saw these a while back, they are so cute, every single one has a little magnet on them so now they are sitting all pretty on my fridge! I'm definitely pleased by the little things in life!
Mum always gets me a CD and DVD for my birthday and I didn't really know what CD to ask for this year! I'd already got 3 Adele CD's and both the Professor Green albums I wanted, so I (embarrassing) opted for JLS Jukebox, it's a little guilty pleasure of mine and Chris', although I'd never pay to hear them sing, their music is definitely upbeat and good to dance too whilst writing essays!

On the topic of family, my photographs of my little brother and sister, Zane and Kayla arrived over the weekend, so I can finally update my photoframes of them! After spending so much time together over Christmas, I really miss them!

I think it's safe to say that as soon as my Birthday cards come off the fireplace I'll be rearranging the living to fit in all the beautiful gifts I got this Birthday!
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