Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint

Yes, my nails are little stumps, they are slowly growing though! (yay!)
My new love, this beautiful Barry M Nail Paint which I got free when I brought two others in Boots around Christmas time.
It retails at a tiny £3.99 and is still availble online, so hopefully it's still about in stores too! All Barry M polishes are designed to dry quick and give you a hard wearing coat and I personally think they succeed. This dries a lot more quickly than my No.7 polishes that I rave about and when I put it on my nails they feel rock solid which I love! I've had the red version of this glitter on my feet since Christmas (yes disgusting!) but it hasn't chipped at all! It's of course completely grown out now, so I need to repaint, but it does survive a lot of torture! I definitely think you girls should go out and treat yourself to some, it's amazing and so cheap (the red one is only £2.99!). I think I'll be treating myself to this Emerald Green when I head out later! From taking all these pictures of my hands recently I've noticed that they are in a horrible dry condition, I think I need to invest in something to make them look beautiful! Do you guys have any hand products you could reccommend?

update: I took a picture of my toes (HUGE apologies if you have a phobia of feet!) today to show you the colour combination when using the red glitter I spoke about earlier! I love how pretty it is!

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