Friday, 20 January 2012

The meaning behind my Pandora

I’ve noticed quite a few people speaking about their charm bracelets recently and it got me thinking about mine.

I got my Pandora for my 18th Birthday, so exactly 2 years ago today and every charm has a meaning to me. It is very sentimental to me, as every charm stands for important moments in my life or things I like. So I thought I’d share them with you!

Elephant: Chris brought me this Elephant as my very first charm, he really wanted to get me the turtle but Pandora had sold out, so he got me the elephant to say “Elephants never forget that he needs to buy me a turtle”!

Turtle: Speaks for itself, my favourite animal!

Frog: Chris brought me this charm when we were in France, it was the first time I’d ever left England.

House: Chris brought me this when we first moved into together!

Suitcase & Aeroplane: Chris brought these for me actually on the plane to Italy, the first time I’d ever flown. They were a special limited edition set for the British Airways planes.

Snowman: I got this charm as I didn’t yet have a Christmas charm and to commemorate the first snowman Chris and me ever made together last year.

Blue Murano’s: The only charms that someone other than Chris has brought me, the blue flowers from his parents (Christmas 2010), and the blue swirl I brought myself (Birthday 2011)!

Hearts: I finally got a lovey-dovey charm today for my 20th Birthday!
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