Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Gorgeous hair accessories from KITSCH | Budget Beauty

Before the start of this year, I knew very little about KITSCH, but as soon as this lovely package arrived from their team, it was instant love! KITSCH is a brand that specialise in hair accessories, bringing you on trend styles and products, at a teeny tiny price. Today I wanted to show you some of their lovely products and share why I love them quite so much!

Gym bag hair heroes
Let's kick off with my new array of gym bag hair heroes! If you'd asked me a year ago how often I put my hair up, the answer would have been "never". The fact of the matter is that now it's up all the damn time - whether I'm in the gym or lounging at home, I just find it much easier to chuck it up out the way. It opened up a new world for me, as I've never needed a stash of bobby pins or hair ties to keep me going. KITSCH have some amazing products that do the trick, most notably, their No Snag Elastics*. The No Snag Elastics are available in lots of different designs and finishes - keeping hair in place, whether you're doing a yoga class or running on the treadmill. I love the variety of using either the thicker black No Snag Elastics, or the tiny clear No Snag Elastics, depending on what style I want that day.

Finishing a look with dual purpose products
The other thing I've been enjoying is adding a little bit of sparkle to my outfit, with the Adjustable Headband/Choker Sets*. Every now and then you put an outfit or hair style together and you just feel like you need a little statement piece to finish off an outfit. I often find that I don't want to add jewellery or a bright lipstick, but instead do something a little bit different. These lovely Adjustable Headband/Choker Sets are perfect, as you can either use them on your hair, or around your neck for the finishing touch.

Basics don't have to be boring
Finally, one of my favourite things about KITSCH is they bring something unique and different to the market, reminding us that you don't have to have boring basics in your routine. Why have black bobby pins, when you can have these Metallic Bobby Pins* which are finished in silver, gold and my personal favourite - rose gold! Why have a boring black hairband, when you can use these Handmade Jewelled Hair Ties* to finish that pony tail? Finally, why clip up your hair with that boring black butterfly clasp, when you can swap it for these Marbled Elevated Hair Clips*? The opportunities are endless!

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