Thursday, 29 March 2018

Chrome Kisses with Elegant Touch | Nails

I truly feel that Elegant Touch is one of those household brands - I'm sure most of us has wandered into Boots or Superdrug and picked up a pack of Elegant Touch nails to finish our outfit. Their collection of nails and products is absolutely huge, and this latest collection is definitely not one to miss! The collection I'm showing you here brings you an array of beautiful chrome finishes, which are completely limited edition. 

The whole concept of the Chrome Collection is about fusing gorgeous pretty shades, with a metallic chrome finish. So, whether you want something for a night out, or something just a bit fancy for a week at work, the whole collection has something for you! The Chrome Collection even has loads of different shapes to suit all fingertips. There are four different designs in the collection, which are all packaged in chrome themed boxes, which are patterned with hues of silver, with a colour accent to match what shade you have on the inside. In each of the boxes you get 24 nails, in ten different nail sizes - which means no matter your nail size, you'll be able to find the perfect match. There are four shades in the set, but I have two of the shades to show you today.

First up we have Chrome Kisses* which have the classic stiletto shape, the colour is a lovely pink-peach hue, which of course is finished a chrome finish, which makes them look a little bit Rose Gold. Next up we have Holo Me* which is also a lovely stiletto shape, but the colour is a gorgeous purple hue, with glitter details - these are absolutely gorgeous! Elegant Touch even have Nail Guards which help to protect your nails from damage and help the nails to last a little longer - meaning you can wear these all year long! 

The Chrome Collection is available now but it's strictly limited edition, so if you like the look of these beauties, don't leave it too long! They all retail for between £8.95 and £9.95 a pack, you can pick them up from Boots, Superdrug or the Elegant Touch website. 
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