Saturday, 31 March 2018

New in from John Frieda | Haircare

There is no denying that the haircare market is huge and vast, so it's easy to spend an absolute fortune finding the products that 'work' for you. John Frieda has quickly become one of my favourite haircare brands - in my mind the sit in the perfect 'in between' zone. Their products are not super expensive, but they are not super cheap either, meaning you get something that is a quality product, without spending a fortune. John Frieda are one of those brands that is constantly growing and expanding, so today I wanted to show you some of the new goodies that they've recently added to their collection.

Embrace curls: Dream Curls Deep Conditioner
In case you've missed the memo until now: I have curly hair. I have permed curly hair - yes - I have curly hair through choice! Little did I know that finding good products for my curly hair would be a nightmare! The John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls range is one that I use a lot, so the new John Frieda Dream Curls Deep Conditioner makes me very happy indeed! Curly hair often feels very dry and frizzy, as the curlier your hair, the longer it takes for natural oils to travel down from the scalp. The John Frieda Dream Curls Deep Conditioner is all about turning your normal hair washing experience into a spa like experience. It's a lovely nourishing product, using Abyssinian Oil to leave every ringlet of your hair looking soft and moisturised. All you do is apply the conditioner to clean, wet hair and leave it for 3-4 minutes, before rinsing it back out and your hair feels incredible! 

Something for the red heads: Red Boosting Collection by John Frieda Radiant Red
Now just like the curly hair babes, the red heads are another group of people who really struggle to find great products. So, if that sounds familiar, you may be excited about the new Red Boosting Collection. It's John Frieda's first dedicated hair care line that allows redheads to rock their colour and its unique, bold tones. The collection not only helps to protect colour but replenishes red hues with every use for a more lasting, vibrant colour. The Red Boosting Shampoo helps the hair repel unwanted water for greater shine and smoothness. Whilst the Red Boosting Conditioner includes an intelligent dye complex to deposit colour where your hair needs it most.  

If you're let to find decent haircare priced under £10, I highly recommend checking our John Frieda, it's a really great brand, especially if you normally struggle to find products that work for your hair type.
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