Saturday, 24 March 2018

Five minutes peace with Whittard of Chelsea

Whittard was started back in 1861, by Walter Whittard. Walter was from a family of successful leather merchants, but he wanted to pursue his secret passion. He wanted to make incredible tea, sourcing the finest ingredients, from all across the world. He started his first shop on Fleet Street, when he was aged just 25 and it was the very beginning of the tea boom here in the UK. Back then, Walter filled his jars of loose leaf tea, exotic coffee caddies and packages of cocoa, which is no different to what we see on the high street today. For the longest time Whittard has been one of my favourite brands, I turn to them for gifting every holiday and it's where I go for my special treats. So when I was offered the chance to bring some of my favourites to the blog, I jumped at the chance to share with you guys!

One of my favourite things about Whittard is that they are so far removed from boring breakfast tea, bringing us loads of incredible flavours of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. So, whenever you just want those five minutes peace, with something hot and cosy, they will absolutely have something for you!

Time for a quick cuppa
Let's kick things off with tea and talk about the different offerings they have. Whether you want instant tea bags, for a quick and easy brew, or you want something loose and fabulous, there is so much choice out there. One of my favourite blends from Whittard is the Vanilla Sundae Loose Tea Blend* (prices from £6). It's a gorgeous black tea, which is really lovely and sweet. If you're looking to be whisked to an ice cream shop, on a street corner on Rome, this one is for you! It goes perfectly with an afternoon tea treat, especially if you're treated yourself to scones with a big helping of clotted cream.

A quick caffeine boost
For when you need a bigger rush and perhaps a little bit of a pick-me-up, after not enough sleep, it's time for a coffee. Again, Whittard can coffee you a little bit of everything - whether you want a quick instant brew, you want some raw coffee beans for your machine at home, or some ground blends for your cafetière. I'm a huge fan of flavoured coffee, so one of my favourite blends is the Amaretto Flavour Ground Coffee* (priced at £6.50). It's crafted from fine quality Arabica coffee, with the flavour crafted from our favourite almond biscuits. 

For when you have a sweet tooth
When I found out I had to go dairy free, I was gutted about missing out on very good, high quality hot chocolate. So you can imagine how excited I was that Whittards have LOADS of options if you happen to be allergic to milk. As someone who is obsessed with peanut butter, it's probably no surprise that my favourite is the Peanut Butter Flavour Hot Chocolate* (priced at £7). It's honestly SO much fun and although I can no longer eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, this hot chocolate makes me believe I am! If you're not a fan of the peanut butter option, you have to try the 60% Cocoa Flaked Drinking Chocolate (priced at £12). It's quite frankly the most decadent way to make a hot chocolate and it will make your life!

Something pretty to drink from
No matter what you're drinking, everyone needs something pretty to drink from. If you opened my kitchen cupboard, you would see loads of Whittard beauties, so I'm pretty happy to add another one to the collection. The Bampton Stripe Mug* (priced at £8) is hand-painted, which makes every single one slightly different. I love how special it feels and the colour combination is so perfect for springtime! 

If you need anymore Whittard recommendations, I highly recommend visiting one of their stores! They are an amazing team, who will LOVE showing your around and finding the hot drink made for you! 

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