Tuesday, 11 July 2017

New In From NYX Cosmetics | July 2017

If there is a brand that continuously rocks the beauty industry with amazing products, it has to be NYX Cosmetics! They have such an impressive array of affordable, high performance makeup, that it puts a lot of other brands to shame. When I saw these latest releases, I couldn’t wait to show them to you! With two new eyeshadow palettes and 16 new eyeliners, there’s a lot to talk about! Let’s take a closer look…

NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette* (£7 here)
First up let’s talk eyeshadow and let’s talk about the Cosmic Metals Eyeshadow Palette. It’s aptly named as NYX say it allows you to create eye looks, which are “out-of-this-world”. It arrives in a black compact, which is topped with a clear lid. The lid allows you to preview the six beautiful shades inside and is decorated with white typography. The shades in this palette are a real mix, with everything from pretty gold hues to rich purples. Each of the shades has a metallic pigment, which means they have a high-shine finish, with an incredible colour payoff. You can see in the swatches below that the colour payoff is beautiful and the colour range is so versatile.

NYX Cosmetics Lingerie Eyeshadow Palette* (£8 here)
The second new eyeshadow palette is all about keeping things matte, which six pretty velvet matte hues. The packaging of this palette is very similar to the Cosmic Metals, but with slightly different typography to match the colours inside. As I already mentioned, the six shades in this palette are completely matte – offering you the chance to create a much more natural eye look. What’s lovely about this palette, is that the shades are not just beige – there is also a dusty lilac, a rusty brown and a soft peach to add some colour to the world. You can see that the shades in this palette do not lack pigmentation, they still pack a punch, which is perfect for colour junkies! 

Faux Blacks Eyeliner Collection* (£5.50 each)
Now these new products are perfect for eyeliner junkies who want to try something a little bit different. They take the classic black eyeliner and give it a twist eight times, creating a range of matte shades, which all have a hint of rich colour! They have everything from green olive hues, to oxblood red – meaning you will always have the shade to match your look. The eyeliners have great precision, meaning that you can get a sleek line, or create a more smudged effect. As you can see by the swatches, the colour range is beautiful! 

Faux White Eyeliner Collection* (£5.50 each)
The most interesting range for me is this Faux White Eyeliner Collection, which is all about brightening up the eyes! As you would have guessed, this collection takes the classic white eyeliner and mixes in a hint of colour. The eight velvety eyeliners offer the prettiest pastels, which all have a matte formulation. The colours cover everything from yellow, mint green, pink and purple. You can use these shades to add a pop of light colour to any look, use them to line the lids or use them right in the corners for a brightening effect. 

I’d love to know what you think of this new collection! I’m finding it really hard to pick my favourites…  
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