Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Holiday Collection from Elegant Touch

If you’re about to head away on holiday, you might be searching for that perfect holiday manicure! Well it’s official, you can end your search here! The new collection from Elegant Touch is dubbed the Holiday Collection, taking inspiration from holiday destinations around the globe to bring you the best collection of nails to choose from.

The Holiday Collection takes inspiration from four holiday destinations: Ipanema, Bora Bora, Havana and Ibiza. The nails have each been given a design to match their destination and have been finished with a trendy shape. This means that they are perfect for wherever you want to make a summertime splash – whether it’s a festival, holiday or just a sunny weekend here in the UK. 

Each of the four nail designs are packaged in pretty summertime themed boxes, which are patterned with a paint swatch design in blue, green, yellow and pink. In each of the boxes you get 24 nails, in ten different nail sizes – which means no matter your nail size, you’ll be able to find the perfect match. Let’s take a look at the four designs you can choose from…

  • Bora Bora* – these pretty nails have an on-trend chrome finish, which gives an iridescent shine of pink colour.
  • Ipanema* – take a trip with the classic summertime white finish, which has a glossy, shiny finish.
  • Havana* – these are my favourite set of the whole collection and they are totally on trend! They are a negative space tribal design with pretty metallic rose gold accents. 
  • Ibiza* – these are just summertime in a nail, fully embracing the fabulous Ibiza spirit. These have a white base and they are finished with a bright tribal design in shades of orange and yellow.

If you’re looking for the perfect summertime nail collection, I really think these are it! The Holiday Collection has something for everyone, whether you want something plain and classic, or something to really wow your friends. Elegant Touch even have Nail Guards which help to protect your nails from damage and help the nails to last a little longer – meaning you can wear these all summer long! 

The Holiday Collection is available now, pick them up in Superdrug stores, or online on the Elegant Touch or Superdrug website - retailing between £7.95 and £8.95. 

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