Monday, 10 July 2017

Six Things You Need To Know About COLAB Hair + EVERY scent

Frequent readers of my blog probably get a little bored of me yapping about COLAB Hair, but when I love something, I love something and I think the world should know! Today I wanted to give you the low down on why I love it so much, plus take you through every single scent available to help you pick your favourite! 

If you’re new to COLAB Hair, there are six things you need to know: 
  1. It’s an award winning dry shampoo
  2. It’s created by a fabulous team of beauty insiders, including international blogger (and all round superstar) Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends
  3. It has an amazing formulation which allows you to remove excess oil from your hair, without leaving behind any white residue 
  4. There are eight fabulous scents to choose from, including two brand new scents which have just been launched
  5. COLAB Hair have just had amazing rebrand, meaning their cans and packaging is more swish than ever, I’m talking flamingos…
  6. It’s super affordable, the standard Dry Shampoo retails for £3.49 and the Dry Shampoo+ retails for £3.99, both of which give you 200ml of product

Now you know why this dry shampoo holds holy grail status with me, let’s talk about scents. When I say there is something for everyone, I really mean it! There are eight amazing scents which all rock my socks, they are really beautifully scented, which means they double up as hair perfume, which is great when you’re rocking third-day hair and really need to give it a wash. Let’s take a look at the scents:
  • Paradise: well and truly one of my favourites as I’m sold by the flamingo packaging. Plus this one has a tropical coconut scent – HEAVEN! 
  • Fruity: as the name suggests, this one is a lovely fruity scent of apple and melon. The packaging is finishes in cute cartoon fruit.
  • Exotic: this one is all about releasing your sassy side, with notes of mandarin and orchid. The can is decorated with a pretty yellow and purple flower print.
  • Candy: this scent takes sweet to a whole new level, with a playful sugary, sweet scent. Of course this one is decorated with a lollipop print!
  • Original: one of the first ever scents from COLAB Hair, designed to smell like a famous perfume, with notes of bergamot and rose. The can is super cool, covered in typography reading ‘love’.
  • Fresh: this scent is one for when you don’t want to over think things! A fresh scent of lemon and neroli, with a can that is decorated in waves!
  • Tropical: this one is another one of my favourites, as the notes of pineapple and papaya remind me of summer. Of course this one is finished with a tropical leaf print, so cute!
  • Active Dry Shampoo+: This product is something a little bit different, thanks to its supercharged ingredients, which give your hair a bit of TLC! This one just takes oil removal to a new level, being designed as something you can use on-the-go!

So the most important question is: which one will you choose? I actually, genuinely love them all, but If I was going to pick, it would be Paradise for me! Shop COLAB Hair at Superdrug and Feel Unique, prices start at £3.49, but it is almost always on offer! 
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