Monday, 1 May 2017

Falling in love with accessories

I’ve always been a bit of a ‘plain Jane’ when it comes to fashion! It’s safe to say that I keep my outfits simple and they really don’t vary much day-to-day. Most mornings I open up my wardrobe, pick out some jeans and some kind of shirt, which are both my everyday staples. Whilst I love a splash of colour in my shirts, normally it’s a simple pair of black pumps which always finish the look, plus the addition of a cardigan if it’s particularly cold in the UK that day.

My simple outfits is truly one of the main reasons that I’ve always resisted blogging about fashion on Hope, Freedom, Love. Even though embracing new colours and prints is a huge part of my personality - you’ll never see me setting the trends - which has always left me feeling unqualified to talk about fashion as a whole. Nevertheless, I’m very passionate it, so you might see more and more creeping onto my blog in the coming months.

What I wanted to talk about today is the world of accessories, which is something I’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with. I’ve quickly embraced this new world and I’m loving that it can take my plain Jane outfit and turn it into something a little more bold. Until recently I had very few accessories in my collection, but now I’m addicted to adding more and more to my stash. 

Rings & Bracelets
I suppose the accessories journey started with my Pandora collection, which in the last two years has grown from a bracelet, to a somewhat impressive (and embarrassing) stash. Pandora was my first jewellery love and it really shows in my outfits when I leave the house. It amazes me that I’ve gone from never wearing rings and bracelets, to someone who feels naked without something on my wrist or fingers. My collection has always been silver, but right now I’m loving layering different metals and different styles together, to create something a little more unique. So I picked up these beautiful rings from ALDO, which are the perfect mix of rose gold, sparkle and simplicity all rolled into one. They only cost a few quid and they are the perfect pairing to some of my more expensive pieces. 

Watches were always something I bought but never wore, still they remained the soft spot when I went into a shop. I actually have loads of different styles and designs, which I’ve been forcing myself to wear on a more regular basis. I used to be in the “phone camp” and would often remark that I didn’t need a watch as my phone is right in front of me. However, It’s definitely more professional to check your watch for the time in a meeting and it gives me an excuse to buy something pretty. They’ve recently become the perfect finishing touch to every outfit. One of my favourite places to buy them is New Look, who have loads of choice for less than £15. I’m a huge fan of the pineapple and marble prints this season. 

Finally, we have my final accessory, which is most definitely my favourite – handbags! Since buying my purple Kate Spade handbag last year, it’s been my go-to for whenever I’m not at work. Even though the colour is perfect for autumn/winter, I’ve been embracing using it in springtime. The ultimate dream would be to have several Kate Spade handbags in my collection, but I’m a little bit away from that reality. 

The warmer weather has left me craving something a little bit more summery, so I turned my attention to hunting for something a little more pastel-hued. I spotted this beautiful Miss Selfridge bag, which was in with the pretty collections at ASOS. I’m in love with the baby pink shade, paired with the metal detailing and it matches so many of my outfits!

I’d love to hear about all your favourite accessories in the comments below! Excuse me while I browse ASOS for my next purchases… 
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