Friday, 28 April 2017

Back To Basics | Magnitone WipeOut!

There’s no denying that removing makeup is a chore! Whether you opt for the micellar and cotton pad combination or a full double cleanse routine, we’re always looking for a way to make cleansing a little bit simpler! Magnitone (the brand famous for their innovative cleansing brushes) hope to have the answers to our prayers, with their new addition – WipeOut!*

In our household, we have quite an impressive array of MicroFibre cloths. We use them to clean surfaces, cars, televisions – the works! However, I’ve never considered taking one to clean my face and I’m sure I’m not alone! WipeOut! is a new MicroFibre Cleansing Cloth from skincare gurus Magnitone. It’s been designed to removes tough, long-wear and oil-based makeup – with nothing but WARM WATER! I have to admit that it’s a concept that is hard to believe – I wear waterproof eye makeup every day and I’ve never been able to remove it with water alone! 

So what’s special about Magnitone WipeOut! and how exactly does it work? Well the Magnitone WipeOut! has special MicroFibres, which when wet, swell up. The swelled fibres are able to grab onto makeup particles, holding onto makeup tightly to effectively remove it from your skin. I have to say that I’m pretty impressed, all traces of makeup were gone, without smearing it around the face and without irritating the skin. As it’s made from MicroFibres, WipeOut! is super-soft, meaning that it’s perfect for sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate the eyes – goodbye waterproof mascara!

The Magnitone WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth arrives in little clear box, which has a handy sleeve with all the instructions you need. The cloth itself is a pink colour and when you unroll the cloth you’ll quickly notice that it’s double sided. It’s really quite long too – it’s much longer than any of my other face cloths. 

Of course, the WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth is reusable, Magnitone say that it can be washed up to 1000 times. You simply chuck it in the washing machine and 30°C to reuse it time and time again. This makes the £14.99 retail price incredibly attractive, especially when you consider that this price is for two different cloths! The WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth has been available since February and it’s already taking the world by storm, check it out online here.  
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