Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Treating my nails to Renunail Nourishing Oil

Beauty fans would probably be shocked that until March I’d gone a full 25 years, without having a manicure. It’s unlocked a whole new world of pampering to me, one I’m shocked that I’d never become obsessed with before. What I found most interesting was the state of cuticles – whilst I always knew they were a bit neglected, I never knew quite how much! The manicurist remarked that my cuticles were in dehydrated mode and desperately needed a little bit of TLC! This was all news to me, as I had never considered my hands or cuticles to be dry at all!

Another thing I learnt in my first manicure is that a manicure is more than just slapping on some nail polish. I was so used to my full routine consisting of a base coat, two thick coats of polish and a strong top coat – job done. I always wondered why my manicure never lasted the distance – I quickly learned that a big part of a successful manicure is all in the prep. Long story short, I figured it was time to take my nail care regime a little more seriously, with the aim of ditching my bi-daily paint job and opting for something a little more long-lasting. 

With my manicure mission kick-started and my dry cuticles still a problem, this is why I jumped at the chance to try the Renunail Nourishing Oil*. I can’t believe that I spend so much money on makeup and nail polish, but a simple nail oil had never been part of my beauty routine. The Dr LeWinns Renunail Nourishing Oil is such a lovely place to start – the ingredients feature a unique blend of herbal extracts and oils of jojoba, olive, apricot and sweet almond. 

I’ve been using the Dr LeWinns Renunail Nourishing Oil for the last couple of weeks. It arrives in a nail polish style bottle, so you can simply paint the oil onto the cuticle and massaging it in for perfect nail health. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly too, which I was really pleased about! I always paint my nails in the evening, so there would be nothing worse than this lingering on the skin and damaging my sofa! 

I’m sure all you beauty buffs are well aquainted with nail oils, but if you’ve never tried one, let me tell you that they are life changing! My cuticles have moved leaps and bounds since I added this to my routine and I’m super chuffed! You can pick up Dr LeWinns Renunail Nourishing Oil from Tesco stores, which is really handy. The best part is that it costs merely a drop in the ocean, priced at £11 and one bottle is going to last you ages! 

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