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Brand Focus | BIODERMA

BIODERMA have been in the skincare game since the 1970’s, happily using their team of experts to place biology at the service of dermatology. The BIODERMA team try their best to bring a scientific approach to skincare, using all their knowledge about the biology of skin to make a real difference. I think most people will be familiar with the BIODERMA micellar water (more on that later) but have you heard about the HUGE range of skincare that sits alongside? 

In fact, the BIODERMA skincare line is split into a whopping eight different categories. There is: SENSIBIO (for sensitive skin), HYDRABIO (for dehydrated sensitive skin), ATODERM (for very dry and atopic sensitive skin), SÉBIUM (for oily and blemished skin), NODÉ (for the hair and scalp), PHOTODERM (to protect us from the sun), WHITE OBJECTIVE (lightening products for sensitive skin) and CICABIO (for damaged skin). Every single product has been created especially for the category in mind and it goes through a rigorous process to get ready for the market. The BIODERMA 8 principles are put in place to ensure the best quality ingredients hit the shelves. I knew very little about BIODERMA, so their PR team was kind enough to send me three products to try out for myself!

Let’s start for with the famous product in the pack - Sensibio H2O* - well known as the BIODERMA micellar water. One bottle of Sensibio H20 is sold every three seconds and it’s loved by so many people, all around the globe. Micellar water is well known in the blogger world now, with so many brands getting in on the action – but BIODERMA were one of the first in the game. It’s an incredibly gentle cleanser – designed to remove makeup from even the most sensitive skin.  The BIODERMA micellar water contains “micelles”, which are very similar to the skin’s composition, giving it a pure formula with a unique physiological pH – practically speaking, it’s made to suit all types of skin. Simply soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O and then use it all over the face and eyes, to cleanse or remove makeup. The great thing about this is that it’s available in three different sizes: 100ml, 250ml and 500ml.

Next up we have the Hydrabio Mask*, which is a must have for skin that needs intense, durable hydration. The mask is centered around BIODERMA’s patented Aquagenium biological complex – which provides the skin with deep-down, long-lasting moisture. BIODERMA say that even during periods of extreme dehydration, the gentle formula allows the skin to regain comfort, softness, suppleness and radiance. This mask is one of my favourites to use after a long day at work – you simply apply a thick layer of the mask to clean skin. You leave it on the skin for just 10 minutes before removing excess with a cotton pad or massaging it into the skin. The best part is the that the BIODERMA Hydrabio Mask comes in a generous 75ml bottle and is priced at £15, so it doesn’t break the bank! 

Last but not least we have the Pore Refiner* which is part of the SEBIUM line for oily skin. I have to admit that I’m not somebody who is obsessed with my pores, half the time I don’t even know what I’m looking for! However, I loved the whole concept of this product and I wanted to give this a go! We all know that the world takes its toll on our skin and excess sebum, stress, tobacco, pollution all cause our pores to become dilated. BIODERMA created the Pore Refiner to correct the skins appearance, helping our skin to become more regular and clearer, with our pores looking tightened and less visible. It uses another BIODERMA patented technology called Fluidactiv, which regulates sebum quality, which keeps pores from becoming clogged and limits the formation of blemishes. I just use this on my skin in the morning every day of the week, I apply it on my skin before my moisturiser. As my skin is quite oily, I use this all over my face, but if you’re less oily, you can restrict it to your t-zone!

I’ve really enjoyed testing out these lovely products from BIODERMA – whilst BIODERMA isn’t new to my world, I had no idea they had such a strong lineup of products! I thought it started and ended with the micellar water and wipes! Next on my list is their suncare products, with a lot of time in the sun coming my way, I’m excited to learn more about how their products can leave my skin feeling! You can learn more about BIODERMA on their handy website, which has a wealth of information! 
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