Monday, 17 April 2017

DECIEM Launch New Brands at QVC | Join Them Tuesday 6PM

I’m quite fussy about the deals I promote on Hope, Freedom, Love – as I truly want them to be something that is giving you a real substantial saving. I also want it to be a brand that won’t let you down – there is nothing worse than impulse buying something that will later turn out to be a real disappointment. Which I why when DECIEM got in touch about their upcoming QVC show, I jumped in line to bring you the details. 

My very own brand-crush will be taking to the QVC stage this Tuesday to launch NEW brands to QVC and to bring you tons of awesome offers. DECIEM are a huge umbrella brand which is home to some of my favourite ever brands: NIOD, Hylamide, The Ordinary, Hand Chemistry and of course, Stemm. DECIEM showcased on QVC earlier this year with NIOD, but this time they’ve brought the whole gang. Let’s get the low down…

If you missed the incredible NIOD TSV deal at QVC in February (which is highly possible, as it rarely stays in stock), you’ll be pleased to know it’s back again. The NIOD 4 Piece Dermal Science Skincare Set includes: the Copper Amino Isolate Serum (15ml), the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex (30ml), the Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate, (15ml) and the Sanskrit Saponins (90ml). This whole lot would normally set you back £140, but on Tuesday you can get it for £59.88. You can see my full review of the 4 Piece Dermal Science Skincare Set here

As I mentioned earlier, the deals don’t stop with this NIOD set, in fact there are SIX other beautiful deals to get your hands on! The NIOD Flavanone Mud* (50ml) will be available for £24.50, saving you £4.50 and it’s such a clever creation! Not only is the packaging divine, the mud is orange and it delivers some stunning results! It works to de-congest skin, absorbing all the skin's surface impurities and I love that you can feel it working thanks to its tingly sensation! 

The new brand on the block is The Ordinary and they are getting a lot of attention right now! If you fancy testing out the new brand, you can pick up the 5 Piece Anti-Ageing Set* for £33.50. Inside the set you get: Buffet (30ml), Advanced Retinoid 2% (30ml), Lactic Acid 10% (30ml), the Natural Moisturizing Factors (30ml) and the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG (30ml). It’s truly the perfect anti-ageing starter kit! 

If you’d prefer something for your hair, you might want to check out the brand new Stemm 3 Step Hair Thickening Set – which normally would set you back £88, but on Tuesday you can grab it for £51.60! Inside the set you’ll get the Density Stimuli (60ml), the High-Amino Shampoo (480ml) and the Black/Gold Fulvic Conditioner (480ml).

If you’ve read my blog for a long time, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the Chemistry Brand. Which is why I’m in love with the Home & Away Set. Inside you get two bottles of Hand Chemisty – one is 100ml and one is 30ml – literally perfect for your travel bag! You can grab this for £20, which will save you £7! You can also grab yourself a bottle of the Chemistry Brand Hyaluronic Concentrate (240ml) for £24, saving you £4. 

Finally we have a double pack from Fountain, which was one of the first ever brands I tried from DECIEM. Their Hyaluronic Molecules are great supplements, which I personally like to mix into my smoothies! Grab the Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule Duo Set, for £37.52, which is a huge saving of £18.75. Inside you get two huge 240ml bottles of the Fountain Hyaluronic Molecule. 

Don’t hang around, if you want to get your hands on these deals you need to join the DECIEM experts this Tuesday at 6PM, the show will be live on QVC for your viewing pleasure! The good news is that the show marks the launch of these fabulous brands, so you’ll now be able to get them all year round – hurrah!
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