Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The New Brand Evolution from ESPA

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of ESPA and they get a lot of time and attention from me. Their iconic white and purple packaging has been a strong staple in my bathroom for longer than I can remember. The brand was first created 25 years ago, when Sue Harmsworth really turned the spa game on its head, introducing the spa skincare brand. 

Sue Harmsworth had the vision of creating a brand which followed a truly holistic approach. She strongly linked beauty, with wellness – which although today is really frequent, back then it was something more revolutionary. ESPA wanted to be able to transform the skin, using lovely blends of powerful, natural ingredients. Not only was the brand natural, it was also cutting-edge, combining technology, skincare experts and lovely ingredients to make every product. The combination of ingredients include everything from plant and marine extracts with essential oils – creating a stunning spa journey. 

As I mentioned earlier, here in 2017 ESPA’s wellness heritage is more relevant than it’s ever been. We all live stress-filled, fast paced, frantic lives, which at times, outpaces anything we can fix with skincare. We are always connected and having to fight up more environmental aggressors than ever. With that in mind, ESPA decided to give the brand a little bit of a facelift, creating packaging to match the advanced formulations ESPA’s products. 

The classic purple and white packaging has been replaced with a line which I am totally in love with. The new line is well in tune with 2017, with simple typography, pretty quotes and colour themes which matches the spa environment effortlessly. They’ve even colour coded the products to help the consumer understand the line and navigate the products, which I truly thinks all the difference. 

All-in-all, this ESPA evolution has taken ESPA’s founding philosophy and repurposed it for the modern day. It’s all about beautiful skin, inner peace and a calm mentality. ESPA founder Sue Harmsworth, noted that it’s time to look after number one stating:  “We’ve spent the last decade focusing on looking after our bodies. We’ll spend the next decade looking after our minds.” I think it’s a truly lovely change from ESPA, which is going to have beauty fans feeling weak at the knees. It’s a perfect excuse to update your skincare collection and perhaps try ESPA for the first time! Check out the full range on the ESPA website here

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