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Tropic Heat | The Limited Edition Capsule Collection From KIKO

This year, KIKO MILANO is celebrating their 20th anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary they have joined forces with seven international brands, which have been created by young and up-and-coming designers. The seven capsule collections will be released over the coming months and it’s already time for the second collection – hurrah! The second capsule collection is called Tropic Heat, which is a lovely collaboration with the founders of Leitmotiv, Juan Caro and Fabio Sasso.

This collection screams summer and Leitmotiv’s eclectic style shines through in the products. It’s an incredibly fun and playful collection and is something completely different to the first capsule collection. This time the packaging is all about floral and fruity decorations, with every box boasting a beautiful sky blue colour. On top of the blue box there are lovely floral illustrations and each box is finished with some metallic lettering. 

The fruity feel to the packaging follows through into the products, with many of the products being inspired and named after fruit. Some of the products are even lightly scented, which I normally don’t like, but the scents on these beauties is so well executed! The thought behind this collection is to make a comfortable, lightweight line of makeup, but with colours and finishes that are vivacious and intense. Let’s take a closer look at the products in the collection…

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Prime & Fix Water*
I’m really excited about this Prime and Fix Water (£7.90 here) as I really don’t use enough primers and fixers in my makeup routine. This has been designed to be a refreshing spray, which gives you a little bit of a boost thanks to the scent. There are three in the lineup, which each have different scents: 01 Red Fruits, 02 Green Fruits and 03 Passion Fruit and Coconut Milk. You simply spritz this on your face as either a primer or to set make-up and it leaves your skin looking radiant. 

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Flavoured Lips & Cheeks*
I’ve seen a lot of these stick blushers in my time, but I like that this one is a little bit different. When twist up Flavoured Lips & Cheeks (£7.90 here), it looks like it is going to be heavily pigmented. In fact, it’s actually a quite a light pigmentation, with quite a glossy finish. It’s such a lovely product as it dissolves on to the skin, leaving you with a glowing blusher look. The glossy finish lends itself really well to the lips too, which makes it a real handbag hero product! The formula is enriched with loads of natural oils, but they are also scented! I have shade 02 Sweety Mauve, which smells like peach – HEAVENLY! 

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Dewy Stick*
These kinds of dewy sticks are everywhere right now, so it is no surprise that KIKO have joined the party too! The Dewy Stick (£7.90 here) is exactly what it says on the tin – a wet effect stick, which you just apply anywhere you want a plump wet-look on the skin. It has absolutely no colour to it, so you can literally apply it over any colour you like! There’s not much more to say about this, but I know that a lot of beauty fans are going to be excited to see something like this on the high street! Hurrah! 

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Highlighter*
We all know I’m some kind of highlighter obsessive, so I’ll save you the speech this time round! When I saw the Tropic Heat Highlighter (£6.90 here) in the little pot I thought it was a liquid. However, it’s actually what KIKO describe as a ‘memory gel’ – so when you touch it, it feels a bit more like a jelly mousse. The memory formula is really lightweight and cooling on the skin. When you blend it onto the cheekbones it gives you a very natural glow. There are two shades in this collection, I have Natural Gold which is a lovely golden glow. 

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Eye Marker*
I think we’re all used to swatching eyeliners and finding jet black colours inside. However, I can safely say I’ve never swatched a pastel green shade – yes pastel green! The Eye Markers (£5.90 each here) in this collection include some pastel shades, which is perfect for festival season! The eyeliner actually is dual purpose, as you can pull out the applicator to reverse it for an alternative tip. The colour is very pigmented and it glides onto the eye area effortlessly! There are four matte shades available, mine is Healthy Green, but there is also a White, Sky Blue and Black shade. 

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Nail Lacquer*
I’m a big fan of KIKO’s nail polishes, so I was excited to see some more Nail Lacquers (£3.90 each here) in this collection. There are three different shades which are enriched with coconut, vanilla or kiwi extracts - depending on the which colour you pick! The colours are all perfect for this time of year and they even have a lovely fragrance. The three shades include 01 Flawless Grapefruit, 02 Tropical Strawberry (the one I have here) and 03 Juicy Purple.

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Face Brush*
Last but not least, we have the Face Brush (£10.90 here), which is finished in the most pretty print matching the box it comes in. The brush has synthetic bristles and they are some the softest bristles I’ve ever felt! I love that it’s a great all-rounder, meaning you can use it to apply powder, blush, bronzer – the opportunities are endless. 

This stunning collection is available now and it really won’t be around for long. If you want to get your hands on these products, don’t hang around… 
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