Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The New Lipstick Collection From Burt’s Bees

The new 100% Natural Lipstick Collection* joins Burt’s Bees’ range of impressive makeup products. They are in good company with several other beautifully-formulated lip products, which are already on the market today. Burt’s Bees actually nickname these new lipsticks ‘the lipstick that loves you back’ and it’s easy to see why. There all new lipstick collection is a 100% natural formulation, featuring moringa oil,raspberry seed oil, mimosa flower wax and of course, community sourced beeswax. It is designed to not only be a lipstick packed full of colour that you’ll love, but a lipstick that moisturizes and looks after your lips. 

The 100% Natural Lipstick Collection arrive in stunning, beautiful packaging, which feels far beyond it’s price point. They arrive in a square lipstick casing, which is finished in a slate grey colour. On the sides of the lipsticks there is a series of holes, which have been cut out of the side, which looks like a little beehive. 

The cut-outs peek through to a coloured plastic which is laying beneath, which matches the lipstick inside. The lipstick is finished off with the Burt’s Bees logo, which is etched into the bottom half of the lipstick case. Better still, the lipstick packaging is 100% recyclable, which is absolutely fabulous! 

The 100% Natural Lipstick Collection features a whopping 18 different shades available, which run the full colour spectrum. There are pinks, corals, nudes, plums and berry hues, all of which feature an impressive pigmentation. The finish of the lipstick is described as a ‘smooth satin’, leaving a luscious shine to the lips, which doesn’t compromise the colour of the lipstick. On the lips, these lips feel light and moisturising, which is achieved by the using Moringa oil and raspberry seed oil in the formulation. It allows you to create bold colour, with a conditioning moisturising texture.

523 - Sunset Cruise

I have four different shades to play with, that each come from different parts of the colour spectrum. We have 523 Sunset Cruise, which is a pretty coral pink, perfect for spring time. 

512 - Fuchsia Flood

Next we have 512 Fuchsia Flood, which is a pink with a pretty fuchsia finish.

530 - Lily Lake

Next up we have 530 Lily Lake, which is my personal favourite, thanks to it's plum undertones. 

520 - Scarlett Soaked

Finally we have 520 Scarlett Soaked, which is the perfect pop of red. These are all swatched below for you, from top to bottom you have 523, 512, 530 and 520. 

The Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipstick Collection is available right now, priced at £9.99 each, which is such a reasonable price! You can pick up all the shades on the Burt’s Bees website
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