Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Selfie Ready With New Hair Releases From Schwarzkopf

I think most of us won’t need an introduction to Schwarzkopf, the well-known hair brand which has been around since 1898. From the minute they opened their doors in Berlin they’ve been innovating and they have an impressive suite of ‘firsts’ to prove it. They created the first “Powder Shampoo” in 1903, the first home hair colour in 1947 and even the first Styling Powder in 2010 (plus there are more that I haven’t listed here)! This year they have already brought three new products to the market and I’m here to give you all the details!

The #Insta Shine Hairspray* (£4.05 here)
What I love about this first product is that it just does what it says on the tin! We’ve all been there – you take a selfie at your best angle, but your hair lets you down. The #Insta Shine Hairspray aims to give you picture-perfect hair, by simply adding an instant glossy boost to your hair. Simply hold the can 30cm away from your finished style and spray in short bursts onto dry hair. The hairspray will provide you with a lasting hold with no residue, which will glisten in the sun. A fantastic way to use it is with curling tongs, simply spray individual curl strands with the hairspray whilst curling, for hair that gleams and sits perfectly all day. 

VOLUMANIAC bodyfying MOUSSE* (£4.05 here)
Mousse products might feel like a time machine from the 90’s but they are a fantastic way to add volume to the hair. As somebody who puts curls into her hair everyday, mousses are a fantastic product to have in my beauty arsenal. The new VOLUMANIAC bodyfying MOUSSE is an extremely full-bodied mousse, offering a strong hold and a lot of volume into the hair. It’s quite a thick, gritty mousse, so I find that a little goes a long way – if you use too much you’ll end up in a bit of a matty mess. However, if you use a small amount at a time and a light hand, you’ll end up with beautiful volume which withstands all weather!

VOLUMANIAC root lifting SPRAY* (£4.05 here)
I really think that root lifting sprays are completely underrated in the beauty community. It’s the step that I always tend to forget, even though it’s simple to do and the results can often be spectacular. The VOLUMANIAC root lifting SPRAY is another product that offers an extremely long hold, meaning that even limp and lifeless roots get a whole new lease of life. You simply spritz this into roots of your damp or wet hair and then blow dry as usual. I find that it adds a lot of volume to my hair and it doesn’t lose it’s hold throughout the day.

If you’re looking for bargain haircare products, I truly think you can’t go wrong with Schwarzkopf. All these products retail for £4 and each offer something unique and special, without breaking the bank.
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