Monday, 20 February 2017

MultiTech | The Innovative New Real Techniques Range

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a huge fan of Real Techniques, so much so, that whenever the introduce something new, I also stop and take note. I honestly think that they transformed the brush market, bringing good quality brushes to the high street, at tiny prices. Real Techniques single handedly changed my relationship with makeup – I’d tried lots of foundation brushes before they launched and they all let me down. I found myself stuck in a rut with a mousse foundation, as I didn’t feel confident enough to try any liquids, for fear of looking like a stripy mess. I was a student and I couldn’t afford to splash out on high end brands, but a tenner on an Expert Face Brush was doable and it changed everything for me!

Fast forward several years and Real Techniques have a huge collection, filled to the brim with brushes, tools, sponges and more. So when I had the chance to check out the launch party of the MultiTech brushes, I jumped at the chance. MultiTech is the brand new collection from Real Techniques and it thinks about things completely differently. It works on this idea of ‘1 universal cut’ and how it can be limitless for the ways to play. Instead of instructing us on how to use our brushes, the brushes are simply named things like XXXS or XXXL, meaning that you become the makeup artist and decide what you want to use the brushes for.

All the brushes have a tapered point, which allows you to pick up product and apply the detail where you need it. The tip of the brush is firm, but still flexible, which means you are able to apply product into the contours of the face. Whilst the large base on each brush helps you to blend the product that you’re using.

The Small Points Set* (£30 here) features four smaller brushes - Point XXXS, Point XXS, Point XS and Point S. The brushes are perfect for more precise work, so they’d be great for creating eye looks, blending concealer and all the more detailed jobs. They even arrive with a fabulous brush stand, which has already taken pride of place on my dressing table.

Then you have Point L* (£16 here) which is a large brush, which could be used for contouring, highlighting and blusher. Point XL* (£18 here) is big enough to use for foundation, so it’s a great brush for perfecting your base – blend foundation and gently buff it into the skin.

The Point XXXL* (£18 here) is huge – it’s by far the biggest brush in my collection. You can use it in a number of ways, but it’s good for creating subtle body contours – Sam Chapman even recommends using it for fake tan. All the brushes are designed with soft fibres, which means they allow BB & CC Creams to be gently buffed onto the face. 

Finally we have the Point Makeup Sponge* (£10 here), which like the brushes also has a pointed tip for blending the finer detail on the face. You can then turn the brush round and use it to blend the larger areas. It can be used wet or dry and it also arrives with it’s very own sponge cube, which keeps the brush dry and away from bacteria. 

I’m in love with this collection, I think it’s a beautiful, ultra-soft set of brushes, that any makeup fan would be pleased to own. I really like the concept of all the brushes having the same cut and I love the fact they’ve moved away from ‘naming’ the brushes with makeup jobs. I don’t know any makeup fan who solely uses their brushes for what they say on the handle! Whether you’re new to Real Techniques, or an accomplished collector, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed! 
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