Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Instant Facial From ESPA

We all have brands that know and trust, whether it’s for a mascara that lasts, or a face mask that rescues your skin from an outbreak of acne. When I’m on the hunt for a present or a special treat that feels luxourious, but performs well, I tend to turn to ESPA. Not only do their products feel special, they also act special. One of their newest products is the Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial* and I’m here to give you the low down…

ESPA say that the Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial has been designed to give you three age-defying formulas – hence the name Tri-Active. The first thing the product aims to do is give you the power of a facial serum. Secondly, it aims to give you the protective properties of a treatment oil. The third and final thing it aims to do, is give you the revitalising effects of an essence. It’s been designed to be a natural, yet an effective way, to give you the three pillars of anti-ageing – targeting the visible signs of short, medium and long-term ageing. 

The new product features two new ingredients, which are being used for the first time here in the UK! It’s the first use of White Truffle Extract (proven enhancing elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines) and Antioxidant Macroalgae Cell Extract (which helps to improve your natural processes which delay the signs of visible ageing). On top of that, there is a premium-grade Hyaluronic Acid (which we all know and love for it’s hydrating properties, plus Olive Extract, Green Algae and Bentonite Clay (which all smooth and soften the skins texture). There’s also a lovely blend of oils including: Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Avocado oil, which are all designed to give you a hit of nourishment, without giving you a thick greasy texture. There’s even a blend of Antioxidant Vitamin-C, which again is well know for it’s ability to preserve elasticity and brighten the skintone. 

The Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial arrives in the classic ESPA packaging, in a 30ml bottle. It’s no surprise that this glorious formulation is on the pricey side, coming in at £58. However, if you’re new to anti-ageing and you need something to supplement your routine, I think this is a great place to start. It’s available now from ESPA, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Fenwick stores.  
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