Friday, 17 February 2017

Four Questions For Merci Handy | A Brand Focus

Merci Handy is a fabulous French brand, which has been recently been introduced to UK shores. Merci Handy started with a very clear aim - create a product that kept your hands clean, but still looked cool. The owners were conscious of having clean hands, but didn’t want to look like “a complete hypochondriac” in front of their friends. They started off by creating their innovative Hand Cleansing Gels, which have been really successful with beauty fans. The brand quickly grew and added lots of other products to their line up (including Face Mists, Toothpaste and Hand Cream).

I was really intrigued by Merci Handy and wanted to learn more about what made them tick. So I caught up with Aurélie D'Andria (UK Brand Manager for Merci Handy) and asked her four quick questions, to find out what really makes Merci Handy tick. 

When was the brand founded? 
Merci Handy was founded two years ago by Louis Marty & Rolan Jai-Nielsen.

What is the aim for the brand? 
Merci Handy takes the most classic, run-of-the-mill even boring hygiene products and turns them into sexy (and very effective) products. 

What is unique about the brand? 
Merci Handy is a brand launched and run by two Millennials with a team of Millennials making products for Millennials (and the rest of the World). We succeed by turning a hand cleansing gel into a lifestyle product. 

What are your best-selling products? 
The Love & Hand Cleansing Gels are the best products: Flower Power, Chérie Cherry and New Wave being our top three. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about Merci Handy, I highly recommend their Merci Handy Hand Cleansing Gels*. Each of the pocket-sized products are envisioned in Paris, before being created in Italian and Chinese laboratories. The cleansing gels are created with vitamin E and Cleansing Pearls, which help leave your hands feeling both clean and soft. The products are not tested on animals and there are no traces of animal products inside each tube. You use them just like any other hand sanitizer, the only difference being that these come in seven beautiful scents (Coco Rico, Flower Power, Chérie Cherry, New Wave, Black Vanilla, Oh My Lemon and Lollipop). Learn more about this fabulous brand on their website here
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