Thursday, 5 January 2017

What I Got For Christmas 2016

I can’t believe that Christmas has been and gone already – where did the last few weeks go?! Normally December seems to last a lifetime, but 2016 whizzed by at a rate of knots! In my downtime over the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself reading a lot of Christmas related blog posts. Specifically, I’ve really been enjoying looking at what people got for Christmas – mainly as I’ve been adding their gifts to my Birthday wish list! I never ask for beauty gifts, as to be frank – I have enough skincare and makeup to sink the titanic (I’m not even joking) - so every year I’m blessed with lots of pretty lifestyle bits and pieces! I don’t talk about lifestyle a lot here on Hope, Freedom, Love – so I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to share what I got this year. I think Christmas gifts give you a lovely insight into people’s personality, so I really hope you find this interesting! I think it goes without saying, but this post isn’t designed to brag or boast.

I absolutely love staring at these pictures, because not only do I feel so lucky and so blessed – I just feel like every part of my personality signs through! Let’s start with the fun part and talk pugs – potentially my biggest obsession of the lot! Pugs are ‘my thing’ and every year I get given lots of lovely pug themed gifts, this year was no exception! It all kicked off with my Gemma Correll Pug Mugs from my friend Amber! There's the Gemma Correll Pug Positions Mug and the Speak No Evil Mug, which she paired with a Gemma Correll Pug Luggage Tag. My boyfriend picked me up the Doug The Pug Book, as I’m always laughing at the videos on Facebook! I also got a Pug Calendar, Stress Ball, PJ’s, Slippers and even some racing pugs for when I’m feeling a bit bored! 

I’m a bit of a stationery hoarder – you don’t even want to know how many notebooks and gift cards I have stashed away at home. So buying me something in this category is always a guaranteed success. I was really excited to get my hands on the Kate Spade 2017 Planner (although a bit miffed to see that it actually started in August last year) and two packs of KIKKI K pens! Whilst I treat myself to lot of makeup, I rarely treat myself to makeup themed books. So Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes and Face by the Pixiwoo sisters, were at the top of my wish list this year. I also asked for Eat Smart by YouTuber Naomi Smart, which is a vegan cookbook and the Bluffers Guide To Social Media as I love reading books on work related topics!  

Another fast track to something I’ll love is home accessories! These are always the things I want, but I can’t justify spending my pennies on - so my friends and family always flock to buy the things I have my eye on. Especially my sister who tends to buy me everything my boyfriend hates, what a superstar haha. This year sister picked me up an LED star light and a Rose Gold LED Light Box from New Look, which are both handily powered by batteries so I can put them anywhere in the house! She also picked me up two mini crackle vases (which match another vase in my collection) they are perfect for small flowers, but I’ve filled them with tea lights. She also picked me up a Sparkle Dinnerware crockery set from Wilkos which is decorated with gold circles, swoon! If all that wasn’t enough, she also picked me up a whole set of Ombre Copper Glassware from ASDA. I’m now trying to find a home for six tumblers, six wine glasses and six champagne flutes. My boyfriend also picked me up a John Lewis Speckled Vase, which I’ve been obsessed with since last Christmas – YAY!

When a person loves to be cosy, I can’t think of a better gift than loungewear! This year I was given three pairs of PJ’s, lots of socks and three pairs of slippers! My Dark Brown Scuffette UGG slippers were one of my main presents from my boyfriend (who spoiled me this year) and I’m obsessed with them! They are so damn pretty and they are even more cosy! PJ’s are a bit of a weakness for me and I feel like I can never have enough, this year I was given PJ’s with pugs, bulldogs and penguins on – which makes me a very happy Steph!

Pandora is a brand that I seem to give more and more of my money to every damn year, but I just can’t resist! I have several bracelets, rings and necklaces and my sister completed my collection by giving me the Pandora Moments Sterling Silver Bangle for Christmas. I love the effect of the solid bangle paired with my other bracelet and I love that the charms can have roam too!

The last section alone would be enough for any one person to get for Christmas, in fact, just one of these items on their own is very generous! This year was about about Kate Spade for me, since finding the outlet in Biscester Village, I’ve wanted to add every damn thing to my collection. I picked up a large black bag last year, which I use every day for work – it fits my laptop in and all my other work necessities. However I found that it was too big for weekends and I found myself lusting after another bag for my collection. I knew from the offset that I wanted it to be a plum purple shade, so I was delighted when we found this one (and the matching purse) in the outlet! My bag, purse and black travel card holder all came in under £200 – if you’re looking for Kate Spade check this place out!

To complete the Kate Spade Christmas, I was also gifted a Gold Polka Dot Pencil Pouch. I have a bag like this in my handbag which I use to store tablets, plastics and pens etc, which was well overdue a refresh! Last but not least my boyfriend picked me up the Kate Spade Holly Drive Compact Mirror – which is just so pretty – I’ve never had a special mirror on my dressing table, so I know I’m going to treasure this! 

I honestly feel so lucky to have all these goodies in my life, these are just some bits I picked out too, there are loads more bits that are equally pretty! I was honestly spoiled this year and I feel very blessed – what was your favourite Christmas gift this year?
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