Friday, 6 January 2017

Treat your tired party eyes | Optrex Warming Eye Mask

There’s absolutely no doubt that we put a lot of strain on our eyes - many of us drive long journeys, sit in front of a screen for most of the day, or expose our skin to the environment with long commutes. Add on top of this the deadly party season and it’s safe to say that your eyes probably need a special bit of TLC. The NEW Optrex Warming Eye Mask* has been all over the bloggersphere in recent months, so I was excited to take a little bit of me time and try one out.

Optrex are eye care specialists and their goal is to relieve some of the strain the daily grind can have on our mind, stress levels and skin. The Optrex Warming Eye Mask combines breakthrough innovation, at a low price point so that anyone can relieve and relax in just 10 minutes. The masks either arrive in a pack or two or a pack or eight and they are individually wrapped. They are available unscented or you can also buy them with a lavender scent – perfect for bedtime!

When you remove the special mask from the sachet, the innovative and unique Microsteam technology is activated by the air and the mask starts to warm up. As soon as you’ve removed the mask from the packet you can place the mask on your eyes, the mask even has handy handles which you pop over the ears to keep the mask in place. The mask will release 10 minutes steam and the mask will gentle warm up over that time. 

As this mask has such a low price point (roughly £1.10 when you buy a pack of eight) I didn’t really know what to expect. However, the whole experience was amazing – the mask actually creates quite a substantial heat, similar to the heat you’d have in a spa treatment. The mask completely blocks out the light too, so you can really just lie back and cut out the world for 10 minutes. After the removing the mask I felt so relaxed and ready to continue my day with a little bit of extra energy. I’ve never seen anything like this before here in the UK and it’s truly a one-of-a-kind innovation. 

The best bit for me is that these masks are so compact that you can use them anywhere, at any time of day. I used mine on a Saturday afternoon when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, but you could use them before bed, before a night out, or even on an aeroplane – as you just chuck the mask away when you’re finished. To enhance the experience Optrex actually joined forces with former DJ Ash Sargeant and created a soothing soundtrack to listen to whilst you relax. Simply hop on the Optrex YouTube channel, choose your song and you’re good to go.

The Optrex Warming Eye Mask are available in a pack of two (£3.99 here) and a pack of eight (£9.99 here). The unscented masks are available at pharmacies nationwide, whereas as soothing lavender is available exclusively at Boots
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