Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The NEW hand creams from KORRES

Everyone’s hands need a bit of TLC at this time of year, which is why this new launch from KORRES fits perfectly. The KORRES Moisturising Hand Cream* is a brand new release, a collection of three moisturising hand creams, designed to give you velvet-soft skin. The new hand creams have new KORRES formula, created with natural ingredients and beautiful scents.

The new formula includes a mixture of Almond Oil and Calendula, which both originate from KORRES’ homeland of Greece. KORRES source a lot of ingredients in Greece, using organic farming, based on fair trade principles. The use of Calendula helps soothe skin from irritations, due to its conditioning properties. Almond oil is incredibly emollient and it’s great for nourishing extra dry skin, creating a layer on the skin which prevents moisture from escaping the skin. The Almond Oil used in the hand cream collection has been made by ‘cold pressing’ organic almonds. Using a cold pressing techniques allows KORRES to use organic almonds with their outer skin intact, instead of using blanched almond kernels. When you use blanched almonds you lose a lot of the vitamins and goodness which is kept in the skin. It simply means that the KORRES Almond Oil has a significantly higher concentration of goodness (including a high content of oleic acid, Vitamin and powerful natural antioxidants).

Other ingredients in the hand cream include Provitamin B5 (which has a powerful water-binding effect), Shea Butter (for it’s excellent moisturising and soothing properties), Babassu Butter (fantastic for soothing irritated skin), Vitamin E (which is rich in antioxidant properties) and finally Aloe Vera (providing significant antioxidant, skin softening and soothing properties). 

The three new hand creams have something for everyone, there’s elegant and sweet Japanese Rose (the classic KORRES scent with a sweet essence of rose buds), a tropical Guava (an invigorating blend of fruit) and refreshing Bergamot & Pear (blossom and sweet pear - which I can never resist).

As always these KORRES hand creams are created without nasties (silicones, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, the list goes on…) and are fantastic value for money! The KORRES Moisturising Hand Cream is available now, priced at £9 each here.

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