Saturday, 23 December 2017

Merry Christmas & A Happy 2018

Just quick note to thank everyone for their incredible support in 2017! I feel that 2017 was such a special blogging year and I’ve been overwhelmed by the love I’ve received from readers and companies all year long! I’ll be back in the new year with lots more beauty and lifestyle content! Until then, I hope you all have the best break for the holidays and have the best of new year celebrations! I hope 2018 brings you all love, joy and celebration – let’s make it a good one! 


Friday, 22 December 2017

Skincare from MAVALA | The New Swiss Skin Solution

I’m sure many of us know and love MAVALA for their beautiful nail polishes, but they’ve now bought something new to the table, with an exciting new venture! MAVALA have taken a blend of their rich Swiss heritage, botanical surroundings and trusted scientific approach, to create a whole new skincare collection. In their homeland of Switzerland, extreme weather conditions of the Swiss Alps teach plants to thrive and flourish, despite their adverse environment. Thanks to this, the plants have a unique range of active ingredients that enable them to adapt to their hostile home. After decades of refining the fusion between the science of cosmetology and Swiss nature, MAVALA are ready to release their exciting new line-up! 

We all know that in the 21st Century our skin goes through more daily demands than ever before, with UV rays, pollution and blue light from technical devices all damaging our skin on a day to day basis. The new range has been designed to battle exactly this, responding to delicate and demanding skincare needs, whilst protecting us from the new day-to-day struggles. The whole collection is underpinned by four major ingredients, Alpine Rose (an anti-ageing ingredient which boosts cell repair), Swiss Apricot Extract (ideal for toning and energizing the skin for a healthy glow), Alpine Willoherb (rich in antioxidants and anti-in ammatory properties) and Pure Water from the Swiss Alps (Alpine water is of the highest purity; it is bacteria-free and has a perfectly balanced composition).

The skincare line is split into different sections, which all care for different types of skin or skin concerns. The first range I’ve been testing is the AQUA PLUS Multi-Moisturizing Soothing Skincare range, which has been created for those with dehydrated skin. The whole range is made with pure Hyaluronic Acids of three different molecular weights. The first product I’ve been testing is the AQUA Plus Intensive Serum* (£32), it’s a super thin texture which can be applied all over the face. It’s fragrance and paraben free, arriving in an airless pump bottle, with 30ml of product. The other product in the range I’ve been using is the AQUA Plus Sleeping Mask*, which has been created to ensure your skin gets a continuous supply of moisture. 

The next line of skincare is the SKIN VITALITY Vitalizing Healthy Glow Skincare, created for those who suffer from a tired, dull complexion. All the products in this line have been concentrated with Swiss Apricot extract, to tone, hydrate and restore brightness to dull skin. This line also includes a Serum, Day Cream and a Micro-Peel, but I’ve been testing the Sleeping Mask and Micro Mist. The “Baby Skin” Radiance Sleeping Mask* uses Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid to gently remove dead skin and encourage cell renewal. What I love about this is that it’s gentle enough to wear all night, but you can also use it as a rinse-off mask for an instant glow. The Vitalizing Alpine Micro-Mist* (£17.50 for 125ml) is a lovely mist created with moisturising apple water and decongesting cornflower water, it can fix signs of fatigue and fix make-up. 

The PORE DETOX Perfecting Skincare line has been created for skin that is prone to imperfections and shine. The range is formulated with purifying Alpine Willowherb, which can quickly counteract imperfections and shine. This line is made up of four products: a Foaming Cleanser, Hyrda-Matt Fluid, Purifying Mask and a Toning Lotion. From this range I’ve been trying the Purifying Mask* (£10 for 200ml), which is a quick ten minute mask to absorb excess sebum and unblock pores without drying out the skin. 

The final range I’ve been testing is the CLEAN & COMFORT range of Physiological Dermo-Cleanser. Essentially this line is dedicated to providing cleansers for uncomfortable, irritated skin, which has been caused by unsuitable cleansing. The whole range uses pH balanced formulas to perfectly clean and remove make-up. All impurities are removed, but the skin doesn’t get stripped. There are three different formulations: the Alpine Softness Micellar Water, the Caress Cleansing Milk and the Caress Toning Lotion. The Alpine Softness Micellar Water* (£12.50 for 200ml) is perfect for both sensitive skin and eyes. It dissolves face and eye makeup, with a fragrance, paraben and soap free formula. 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Kikki.K Inspiration Bracelets | Lifestyle

This year I have fallen totally in love with Kikki.K and now with a few online orders (and a few shop visits) under my belt, I think it’s safe to say I’m a little bit obsessed. If you’ve never heard of Kikki.K, it’s 100% time to play catch up! Kikki.K was created by Kristina, who was thinking about starting her own business and was on the hunt for the best in office accessories. She quickly realised that cute and stylish office bits were incredibly hard to come by – thus Kikki.K was born! The dream was to bring Swedish-inspired home and stationery stores all over the world – something she is very quickly achieving!

In my most recent trip into the Kikki.K Covent Garden store, I spotted these gorgeous bracelets. The first thing I spotted was the super cute grey box, which is finished with gold detailing and inscribed with “Find beauty in the little things”. I then spotted that “Inspiration bracelet” was written underneath and I figured that something beautiful must be inside! 

When you open the box you find a little drawstring bag, which is cream with gold foil details and a gold piece of string. On the front of the bag, a word is written, which matches what you find inside. Inside the bag there is a metallic bangle, which comes in a variety of different themes. I have a silver bangle embossed with ‘dream’ and a beautiful rose gold bangle embossed with ‘breathe’. The word is embossed in the middle of each bracelet and then there is a cut out around the sides, which I think is a really pretty extra. It just adds a little something to it and I love the little extra detail. 

I think these little bracelets are so beautiful and at £18 each, they make the perfect little gift. I think they would be perfect for a friend, who just needs a little bit of a reminder to take a moment from time-to-time. Ever since wearing mine, I sometimes take a look at the ‘breathe’ sign and just take just 10 seconds to myself. Such a lovely little idea from Kikki.K – which is just been added to my ever-growing collection of Kikki.K goodies. 


Wednesday, 20 December 2017

We Love Face Masks | New In From Superdrug

We all hear a lot about how good natural ingredients are for our skin and it’s very easy to browse the internet for a ton of ‘home remedies’. Mixing up a skincare storm in the kitchen has never been ‘my thing’ – let’s face it (excuse the pun) – it’s all a little bit too much effort! With all this in mind, I LOVE that Superdrug have released an exciting new range of masks, inspired by the kitchen. The brand-new collection features six pretty face mask tubs, which have been all been inspired by our favourite superfoods and kitchen favourites. I have three of the face masks to show you today! 

Superdrug Blueberry Jam Face Mask* 
Blueberry fans unite! This is practically blueberry jam in a tub, with all it’s sticky goodness intact! The jammy formulation has been designed to add a burst of juicy vibrancy to your skincare routine, thanks to the sugar particles in the formula! 

Superdrug Coconut Face Mask*
If you’re like me and coconut is your favourite thing in the whole world, you will love this one! The Coconut face mask smells absolutely incredible – just like a tropical cocktail!

Superdrug Coffee Face Mask*
Finally, if you struggle for a bit of get up and go, this one is for you! This incredible burst of coffee will have you awake in no time and the ingredients have been designed to add a burst of refreshing vitality to your skincare routine.

The three other masks in the collection include Kale (a superfood mask to add a burst of vitamin goodness), Charcoal (a mud mask with charcoal for a burst of purifying goodness), plus Avocado & Oat (the oaty scrub adds a burst of goodness to skin).  So there’s something for whatever ingredients you’re craving!

Superdrug recommend that you cleanse the skin well, before smoothing a generous layer of the face mask on to the skin. This is easily done with the Coconut and Coffee masks, but the Blueberry Jam mask takes a little more work – let’s say it’s very sticky! Once the face mask is applied, sit and relax for 10-15 minutes, or until the face mask has dried. Remove the mask with warm water, rinsing all traces of the mask from the skin. You can use the face masks as often as you like, but Superdrug recommend treating yourself one a week as a little skincare treat!

I have to admit I’m totally on board with the tub packaging, I HATE squeezing face masks out of tubes and packets, so I love that I can just swipe my face mask brush around the edge of these and get every last drop! No wastage makes me a very happy bunny! Of course, the best bit is that the face masks all contain natural extracts and are completely vegan friendly – just like everything else in Superdrug’s beauty collection these face masks are certified by Cruelty Free International. They are a real bargain, priced at just £4.99 each, but I’ve seen them on offer loads for just £3.29!


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Two must-try palettes from IT Cosmetics

The beauty world has been pretty damn excited since the launch of IT Cosmetics in the UK at Selfridges! The beauty brand founded by Jamie Kern Lima was opened to create ‘game-changing products’ with the help of plastic surgeons. The result is so pretty killer beauty products that truly change the beauty game! If you missed my blog post on some of their best-sellers, you should catch up here, but today I wanted to show you some different products. These are two lovely palettes, which quite frankly you need to add to your makeup stash! 

Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Palette*
First up I want to show you this pretty face palette, which gives you everything you need for glowing, pretty skin. It was developed to give you the ultimate contoured skin, using a combination of four products, which are all completely talc-free. Each of the products have been designed to instantly enhance and brighten your features. It’s a stunning pink palette, which is finished in a shimmer pink paint, when you flip the lid you find the Sunshine in a Compact Matte Bronzer, the Perfect Lighting Luminiser, the Bye Bye Pores Blush, plus the award-winning Bye Bye Pores Pressed Poreless Finish Airbrush Pressed Powder. Each of the four powders is created with IT Cosmetics proprietary Perfect Lighting Technology, which distributes light across the skin, creating that lovely youthful glow with an airbrushed finish. The palette retails for £32 which is a really good price for these pretty products. 

Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette*
The second palette is my favourite of the two – everyone knows I can never resist an eyeshadow palette! This particular palette is perfect for naturally pretty eyes, with very little effort! The palette is again a pretty blush pink and it’s finished in a padded casing. When you pop open the magnetic closure, you’ll find 14 eyeshadows which are all matte hues in universally flattering shades. It’s one of those palettes that can take you from day to night, all thanks to the range of colours and hues. What I find really interesting about this palette is that one of the shades is the bonus Transforming Pearl shade, which in a swish of the brush turns each shade from matte to radiant pearl. It’s such a genius idea! Once again, the eyeshadows are all talc-free, offering an eyeshadow which glides beautifully to brighten your eyes and smooth eyelids. You can even use the eyeshadows both wet and dry, to intensify the pigmentation of the shades. The Naturally Pretty Matte Luxe Transforming Eyeshadow Palette is available at Selfridges priced at £34.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Merci Handy x Disney

I’ve been really chuffed to find Merci Handy in 2017, not only are they a fabulous brand, their products are fabulous too! Merci Handy are in fact a French brand, but they’ve very recently been brought to UK shores, thanks to the likes of Topshop. They merge together a fantastic hand sanitiser, with scents and formulations that don’t feel clinical and dull. The innovative approach has been really popular with beauty fans and they’ve just taken things to a whole new level: Disney! 

That’s right! Merci Handy have just announced an incredible collaboration, with none other than the Disney team. It’s their latest way of breathing fun and life into your boring personal hygiene products. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more fun than Disney! The collaboration comes in the form of the Merci Handy Disney Kit* (£14.90 here), which allows you to reminisce about all your favourite animated characters. The kit arrives in a plastic pouch, which has a pair of black Mickey Mouse ears printed on the back. The front of the pouch is clear, which allows you to see all the products lined up, looking pretty with their Disney characters. 

There are six Hand Cleansing Gels in the collection, which includes all the characters from Mickey Mouse to Donald Duck. All the gels have their own scent to match the characters inside – there’s Mickey Mouse who is Vanilla, Minnie Mouse who is Cherie Cherry, Donald Duck is a fresh New Wave scent, Daisy Duck is floral and fresh, Daffy Duck is the citrus Oh My Lemon and Pluto is the sugary sweet Lollipop scent. 

All of the different scents are completely Microbead free and bursting with emollient pearls and Vitamin E. Meaning that the hand gel is very nourishing, whilst still protecting the skin from daily bacteria. It’s such a lovely kit and the best way to give your daily essential a new lease of life, whilst taking a walk down memory lane! Excuse me whilst I browse my Disney holiday pictures and cry that I’m not still there… 


Friday, 15 December 2017

Crème De Couture Liquid Lipstick | Sigma Beauty

Every year Sigma Beauty release their Crème De Couture collection, adding something a little bit different into the mix for Christmas time. Instead of the usual sparkles and nude hues, Sigma Beauty have come up with something to add a bit of colour into your life. The Crème De Couture collection includes a 16-piece eyeshadow palette, which has everything from bright blues, to pretty purples. On top of the eyeshadow palette, they’ve also released these pretty Crème De Couture Liquid Lipsticks*, which have you covered whatever the occasion!

Of course, as the Crème De Couture collection is all about colour, they arrive in gorgeous colourful packaging. Featuring little boxes finished in slightly different colours, depending on the colour inside. I love the pretty marbling, which just looks so pretty when paired with the gold detailing on the front of each box. When you get inside the box, you find clear tubes, which let the colour of each lipstick shine. The tubes are finished with a sleek matte black lid and holographic silver lettering with the Sigma logo – so pretty!

The formula is everything you need at this time of year – featuring long-wearing lip shades, which are strongly pigmented, but really comfortable on the lips! All of the shades dry matte on the lips and the colour doesn’t smudge or feather, even without liner. You simply apply the colour with the handy doe-foot applicator and you’re good to go!

There are four different shades of the Crème De Couture Liquid Lipstick and I have three to show you! First up I have New Mod* (which is a nude mauve), then I have Fox Glove* (which is a bright blackberry) and finally we have Peach-Tini* (which is a hot, watermelon pink). The one I’m missing is Top That* (which is a neon-blue pink). As I type these beautiful shades are still available from the Sigma Beauty website here, but as they are part of the Christmas collection, they won’t be around for much longer. 


Thursday, 14 December 2017

KIKO Candy Split | AW2017 | KIKO’s 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection

This year, KIKO MILANO is celebrating their 20th anniversary. To celebrate their anniversary, they have joined forces with seven international brands, which have been created by young and up-and-coming designers. The sixth capsule collection is called ‘Candy Split’ and is a collaboration with Nicolò Beretta of Giannico. As you’ve probably already guessed by the name of the collection, she was inspired by irresistible desserts and confectionery. Taking concepts from colourful sprinkles, delicious marshmallows and all things candy. All the products in the collection have been designed to be dual purpose, allowing you to really play with the collection and use the products how you feel inspired! Everything is practical and so feminine, let’s take a closer look at you have to choose from …

Candy Split Eyeshadow* (£5.90) and Candy Split Eye Pencil* (£5.90)
The Candy Split Eyeshadow is actually a cream formulation, which is held in a tube. The eyeshadow has been designed to have an intense colour pay off, whilst giving you long-lasting pretty colour. There are four different shades in the collection, including 01 Violet Cupcake, 02 Mauve Lollipop, 03 Golden Sorbet and 04 Mild Green. To finish your eye look, we have the Candy Split Eye Pencil – a creamy eye pencil which allows you to create well defined lines. It actually arrives with a pencil sharpener, so you don’t need to hunt around for something that fits it perfectly! There are four shades of these too; 01 Rosy Marshmallow, 02 Candy Iris, 03 Sweet Milk Mint and 04 Chewy Liquorice.

Candy Split Lips Mattifier* (£5.90)
I love the concept of the Candy Split Lips Mattifier, as it allows you to turn even your creamiest lipstick into a completely matte finish. Perfect if you have a favourite lipstick, which you’d love to wear in a completely new finish, just what you need in the winter months! 

Candy Split Lipstick* (£5.90)
The Candy Split Lipstick arrive in traditional lipstick packaging, but it’s a super skinny design, which I think makes them look super cute! The formulation has been designed to be really pigmented, but also luminous on the lips. The small shape of the lipstick makes it super easy to apply – meaning you can do it on-the-go mistake free. All of the shades are designed to be pastel and fun, with four different ones to choose from: 01 Cherished Rose, 02 Lovely Lavender, 03 Violet Glaze and 04 Creamy Sage. 

Candy Split Lip Scrub* (£6.90)
I actually think the Candy Split Lip Scrub is one of my favourite products from the whole collection. The Lip Exfoliating Scrub arrives in a gorgeous glass jar and uses sugar crystals to gently smooth lips. The formulation is also infused with precious emollient oils, which makes them super soft too. Of course, as you’d expect, the Candy Split Lip Scrub smells incredible and has a delicate strawberry flavour!

Candy Split Makeup Blender* (£6.90)
I have to admit that I can’t get over the Candy Split Makeup Blenders. They arrive in a little box which makes them look like delicate cakes, when you get inside, you find sponges have been designed to look like little macarons! KIKO say that the little sponges make the application of makeup enjoyable, but still effective, giving you an even application of any base product.

Candy Split Serum* (£15.90)
I’ve been pleasantly surprised by KIKO skincare products in the past and the Candy Split Serum is no different! It’s a lovely moisturising serum, which leaves the skin plump and with a lovely radiant finish. I love the packaging too, the baby pink casing is really sweet and the formulation has a lovely swirl effect inside the clear section. It’s a really lovely product when you consider that it’s only £15.90. 

Candy Split Nail Art Stickers* (£2.90) and Candy Split Nail Lacquer* (£2.90)
I’ve been lucky enough to try a lot of KIKO collections in the past, but they’ve never had anything like the Candy Split Nail Art Stickers before. They are really sweet and fun, just pop them onto your nails for a really sweet finishing touch to any look. They are obviously really quick to apply and I love KIKO’s idea of using them to fix nail errors and mistakes. They are two different variations of the stickers and they are great for popping on top of the Candy Split Nail Lacquers. The Candy Split Nail Lacquers are really fun topcoat enamels, which give you a confetti-like effect on the nails in loads of pastel tones. 

The lovely Candy Split capsule collection launched in October and is still available now from KIKO stores and the KIKO website. Don’t miss your chance to grab your favourites, as they sell out very quickly! 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 | Christmas 2017

I’m a sucker for anything from Hourglass and my bank account HATES me for it! When the latest Hourglass palette dropped, I knew I had to add it to my collection. I actually use the rest of my Hourglass palettes pretty much every day, so I knew this would be a worthwhile investment to make! For this year’s limited-edition palette, Hourglass have opted for a rose gold palette, which again is bang on trend. Let’s take a closer look… 

This year Hourglass have created another travel friendly palette, designed to give you everything you could possibly need when you’re on the road. The palette can take you from desk to dancefloor and has everything from blush to bronzer. If (like me) you collect the Hourglass palettes, you’ll be pleased to know that this Ambient Lighting Edit includes three brand new exclusive shades, plus three of their bestsellers.

First up, let’s take a look at the new shades! The first of the new shades is called Surreal Halo, which is a beautiful deep berry blush, blended with their Surreal Light powder – absolutely perfect for the Autumn season! Pure Effect is a pretty light pink, blended with a pink shimmer, which gives the skin a youthful glow. Last but not least, we have the Hypnotic Strobe Light, which is brand new strobing powder, in a lovely champagne shade.

On top of the new shades we also have Dim Light (neutral peach beige powder), Diffused Light (a pale yellow powder) and Luminous Bronze Light (a medium bronzing shade which adds a lovely warmth to the skin). As always, the lovely Hourglass powders are all infused with Hourglass’ Photoluminescent Technology – which has been designed to refract favourable light on the skin. This in turn gives your skin a soft-focus effect and leaves your skin looking beautiful! 

Despite the very hefty price tag (a whopping £59) I’m really pleased to have this beauty in my collection. I know it will get a lot of love and I will no doubt use it as much as last year’s palette. I really love that this year’s palette has a few more darker hues, which work really well in the colder months. If you’d like to add this to your collection, you'll have to search far and wide, but you still may find them in SpaceNK stores!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My Favourite Gifting Candles This Christmas | Christmas 2017

If you’ve been following my Christmas Gift Guides, it won’t be a surprise to you that I think candles make a fantastic gift. This year there are so many to choose from – from those that are Christmas themed, to those that just look (and smell) fantastic all year round! As there are so many to choose from, I wanted to combine my own Christmas Candle edit, to give you a complete low down of my favourites! 

SPACE NK Shimmering Spice Candle* (£26 here)
Christmas candles don’t get more iconic than the SPACE NK Shimmering Spice Candle*. I almost always buy one of these candles in the SPACE NK sale, so I’m super chuffed to have one in my collection already this year and it’s burning happily! Every year the design of the candle changes and I’m loving the look of this year’s design. This year it’s in the most gorgeous jar, finished with metallic details, which wave across the white background. As always, the candle is completely exclusive to the festive season and the scent is everything I love about Christmas! The notes include Cinnamon and spice, which are intermingled with orange, mandarin, with a warm and cosy cedar base that is infused with a hint of sweet vanilla. 

Monsoon Fragrance Collection* (£17 each here)
I reviewed this collection earlier in this year and it was safe to say that I was really impressed! From start to finish the whole experience is so unique and luxurious. The collection includes both the diffusers and candles, which arrive in stunning heavy glass containers. On the front of each product these is an iconic Monsoon metalwork pattern, which changes colour depending on the scent you’ve picked. I’ve been loving the Seaspray & Cotton range, which is lovely, fresh and perfect for starting a new year!

Bloom Fig & Cassis candle* (£10, currently £5 here)
If the person you’re buying for is a bit of scent fan, it’s important to remember that the gift doesn’t have to cost the earth! Which is exactly why I wanted to give a mention to the ‘Bloom’ range from Superdrug. The range is perfect for gifting, as they arrive in lovely colour coded boxes, with simple candles hiding inside. There are loads of different scents to choose from, but my favourite is the Bloom Fig & Cassis candle*. The scent is gorgeous and includes some of my favourite notes - floral jasmine, sweet coconut and berry amber.

Mini Christmas Candles from Crabtree & Evelyn* (£16 each here)
Until I put together my gift guides, I had absolutely no idea that Crabtree & Evelyn made candles – yet they are some of the most beautiful things I’ve come across! This year I have completely fallen in love with the mini Christmas candles from Crabtree & Evelyn. The first candle is the Mini Noël Candle* (£16 here) which is infused with the fragrance of fir tree branches studded with tangy citrus zest and mulled spices. The second candle I’m loving is the Mini White Cardamom Candle* (£16 here), which is are infused with winter warming sweet mimosa and mulled spice essences of cardamom. They are both made using cold extraction technology for the most authentic fragrances and make amazing stocking fillers! 

Mini Moderns Pavilion Scented Candle* (£24 candle)
Another new brand to cross my path is Mini Moderns, which again have completely stolen my heart. This candle arrives in the coolest abstract jar, which is finished with pretty black spots, with a hit of mustard yellow. It’s totally bang on trend and is going to fit well into anyone’s décor! The fragrance is called Gin Fizz - it’s a cocktail of lemon and juniper berry with notes of fresh geranium. The Mini Moderns candles are made using a unique blend of waxes and have a pure cotton wick, which means if you really look after them, they can last 50 hours! 

Orla Kiely Earl Grey Candle* (£25 here)
There is no doubt that the world loves Orla Kiely, I know that whenever I unwrap something from her brand, I always know I’m going to love it. So, with that in mind, I think the Orla Kiely Earl Grey Candle is a good safe bet when it comes to presents! It arrives boxed and of course, it’s presented in a beautiful glass jar embellished with one of Orla Kiely's signature prints. The Earl Grey scent I would say is a pretty universal scent, with notes that include oils of bergamot, clary sage, orange peel and smokey black tea.

Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Scented Candle* (£25 here)
This year I was introduced to Heathcote & Ivory, who are an amazing gifting brand. One of their brands is called Morris & Co, which has everything from hand creams to candles. The Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Scented Candle* may not sound very Christmassy at first glance, but it really is perfect for the festive season! It arrives in a pretty hefty box and it’s one of the biggest candles in this edit. Box the glass and the box is finished in a full colour Morris & Co. design, finished with red, floral details, whilst the scent is truly to die for, with rich, earthy grounding scents.

ESPA Trio Of Light Set* (£45 here)
Every year I go mad for the ESPA Christmas sets and I truly can never get enough of their candles. I love that the gifts feel very Christmassy, but when you get inside, it’s a gift that can last all year round. For me nothing says spa-like pamper like ESPA and the ESPA Trio Of Light Set* (£45 here), truly makes my heart skip a little tiny beat. The set arrives in a gorgeous silver box, which is delicately finished with the ESPA logo. The whole thing is tied with a beautiful EPSA green ribbon – so pretty that it barely needs wrapping!  Inside the gorgeous silver, ribbon tied box, you get three stunning ESPA candles, which allows you to experience ESPA aromas in miniature form. There are 70g sized candles of the Mini Soothing Candle, the Mini Restorative Candle and the Mini Energising Candle. Perfect for an ESPA fan, or a complete newbie to the range! 


Monday, 11 December 2017

Snow Ball Pigment & Glitter Kits | MAC Snowball Christmas 2017

Sometimes MAC collections can be a bit OTT for me, as when they release something that’s a little more neutral, I’m first in line to get my hands on it! This year’s Christmas collection is exactly that – a beautiful array of pretty shades, with the packaging all adorned with sequin details. It totally screams at my magpie tendencies and I knew I had to give something a whirl! The collection is said to be inspired by “the cool kids” who take full advantage of the festive season – from festive parties and soirees, to dancing to the beat and a bit of festive flirtation. The collection is said to help you dance right through to sunrise, whist still looking fantastic and revelling in the glitter details. The collection is all about glitter details, from pretty glitter snowflakes, to the aforementioned sequin adornment. 

The product I knew I had to try is the Snow Ball Pigment & Glitter Kits – I use SO many glitter pigments during the festive season, but I’ve never tried the products from MAC. So, I figured, as they’d wrapped them up so nicely, it was time to give them a whirl! The Snow Ball Pigment & Glitter Kits arrive in a mini makeup bag, which is covered in sequins. When you unzip the bag, you find three pretty mini pigments and glitters hiding inside.

There are two different shade variations, there’s ‘Gold’ and ‘Pink’. The Gold set is the one I have here and it includes the Vanilla Mini Pigment (soft ivory white), English Gilt Mini Pigment (bright champagne) and Gold Mini Glitter (sparkling chunky gold). The Pink version includes the Copper Sparkle Mini Pigment (smooth, high-shine copper), the Whisper Pink Mini Pigment (soft beigey pink with pearl) and the Pink Mini Glitter (which is bright pink).

Both of the sets retail for £25 each and they are strictly limited edition for Christmas time – once they are gone they are gone! I’m so happy with my pigment purchase and I can’t wait to properly use them over the festive period. I can’t lie to you, I already have my eyes on the Pink version to complete the collection! 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Make A Statement | Too Faced Christmas 2017

If you’re still looking for a stocking filler for your makeup obsessed friend, look no further – this one is for you! You really can’t go wrong with Too Faced at any time of the year, but when it comes to Christmas time, Too Faced do gifts REALLY well. They have a great set of gifts this year, from little stocking fillers, to spectacular palettes! Today I really wanted to share this little set, which is great for the lipstick fans in your squad!

The Under The Kissletoe Liquidfied Lipstick Set* arrives in a gorgeous metallic bright pink box, which is finished with some seasonal illustrations. The four windows in the front of the box hide the products that are hiding inside. These happen to be four of Too Faced’s bestselling Melted, Melted Matte, Melted Chocolate, and Melted Latex lipstick shades. Each of the lipsticks is a generous sample size, which happens to be the perfect handbag companion - perfect for the party season and whilst you’re travelling or on the go. It’s a fantastic set as there are four different finishes, in a variety of shades – there’s everything from nude browns, pinks and festive berry colours. So, no matter the taste of the person you’re buying for, they will absolutely find something in the box that they like. 

As you’d expect from Too Faced, the shades feature intense, pigmented colour, which lasts for ages on the lips. The innovative formula offers a really glossy finish, which was inspired by the glossy form of liquid lipstick in cosmetic lab vats. The angled applicators inside each of the tubes allows for precise application of the colour, making everything very easy and without the need for a brush or lip liner! 

The lovely Under The Kissletoe Liquidfied Lipstick Set is exclusively available for the festive season. It retails for £22 and will be available from Debenhams, Selfridges and the Too Faced website. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Christmas Makeup Collection by Paul & Joe | Christmas 2017

It’s hard to find collections that excite me as much as Paul & Joe’s do! Especially at Christmas time when things go a little bit festive and we turn things up a notch! This year is just as good as I’ve come to expect from Paul & Joe, with a limited-edition makeup set in a festive red pouch. Let’s take a closer look… 

As I mentioned, the new Christmas Makeup Collection* from Paul & Joe, arrives in a red box. The box is of course finished in a psychatdélique cat print, which first appeared in the 2016 Autumn-Winter collection and carries through to the bag inside. This year’s pouch is a round design, which has some structure to it and a zip that spans across the top. It has a little handle across the top, which makes it a bit easier to carry around. 

When you unzip the pouch, you find three makeup products, which have been wrapped in matching red tissue paper. The products have been designed to have you the perfect dazzlingly makeup look, to match the festive season. Of course, a Paul & Joe collection is not complete without some limited edition cat-inspired products. So, the collection begins with the Limited Edition Cat Lipstick (003), which is in a champagne-red shade. The very top of the lipstick features a cat face, which is so damn cute. The outside of the lipstick is wrapped in the same psychatdélique print has the box and pouch.

Next in the bag we have The Eye Gloss (S001), which is perfect for those of us who love a bit of sparkle. It’s a gorgeous champagne-gold eye colour, which you wash over the lids for a dash of sparkle. To complete the festive look, we have The Shimmering Blush (001) – it’s a universally flattering champagne-rose pink which adds a luminous veil creating sparkle to highlight and illuminate cheek bones. 

The Paul & Joe Beauté Makeup Up Collection is priced at £45 and is available right now from ASOS and Beauty Bay. It’s a perfect addition to any Paul & Joe fans collection, but also makes an amazing gift for any cat fan who also loves makeup. The Paul & Joe collections always disappear fast, so don’t delay if you want to get your hands on it! 
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