Friday, 22 December 2017

Skincare from MAVALA | The New Swiss Skin Solution

I’m sure many of us know and love MAVALA for their beautiful nail polishes, but they’ve now bought something new to the table, with an exciting new venture! MAVALA have taken a blend of their rich Swiss heritage, botanical surroundings and trusted scientific approach, to create a whole new skincare collection. In their homeland of Switzerland, extreme weather conditions of the Swiss Alps teach plants to thrive and flourish, despite their adverse environment. Thanks to this, the plants have a unique range of active ingredients that enable them to adapt to their hostile home. After decades of refining the fusion between the science of cosmetology and Swiss nature, MAVALA are ready to release their exciting new line-up! 

We all know that in the 21st Century our skin goes through more daily demands than ever before, with UV rays, pollution and blue light from technical devices all damaging our skin on a day to day basis. The new range has been designed to battle exactly this, responding to delicate and demanding skincare needs, whilst protecting us from the new day-to-day struggles. The whole collection is underpinned by four major ingredients, Alpine Rose (an anti-ageing ingredient which boosts cell repair), Swiss Apricot Extract (ideal for toning and energizing the skin for a healthy glow), Alpine Willoherb (rich in antioxidants and anti-in ammatory properties) and Pure Water from the Swiss Alps (Alpine water is of the highest purity; it is bacteria-free and has a perfectly balanced composition).

The skincare line is split into different sections, which all care for different types of skin or skin concerns. The first range I’ve been testing is the AQUA PLUS Multi-Moisturizing Soothing Skincare range, which has been created for those with dehydrated skin. The whole range is made with pure Hyaluronic Acids of three different molecular weights. The first product I’ve been testing is the AQUA Plus Intensive Serum* (£32), it’s a super thin texture which can be applied all over the face. It’s fragrance and paraben free, arriving in an airless pump bottle, with 30ml of product. The other product in the range I’ve been using is the AQUA Plus Sleeping Mask*, which has been created to ensure your skin gets a continuous supply of moisture. 

The next line of skincare is the SKIN VITALITY Vitalizing Healthy Glow Skincare, created for those who suffer from a tired, dull complexion. All the products in this line have been concentrated with Swiss Apricot extract, to tone, hydrate and restore brightness to dull skin. This line also includes a Serum, Day Cream and a Micro-Peel, but I’ve been testing the Sleeping Mask and Micro Mist. The “Baby Skin” Radiance Sleeping Mask* uses Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid to gently remove dead skin and encourage cell renewal. What I love about this is that it’s gentle enough to wear all night, but you can also use it as a rinse-off mask for an instant glow. The Vitalizing Alpine Micro-Mist* (£17.50 for 125ml) is a lovely mist created with moisturising apple water and decongesting cornflower water, it can fix signs of fatigue and fix make-up. 

The PORE DETOX Perfecting Skincare line has been created for skin that is prone to imperfections and shine. The range is formulated with purifying Alpine Willowherb, which can quickly counteract imperfections and shine. This line is made up of four products: a Foaming Cleanser, Hyrda-Matt Fluid, Purifying Mask and a Toning Lotion. From this range I’ve been trying the Purifying Mask* (£10 for 200ml), which is a quick ten minute mask to absorb excess sebum and unblock pores without drying out the skin. 

The final range I’ve been testing is the CLEAN & COMFORT range of Physiological Dermo-Cleanser. Essentially this line is dedicated to providing cleansers for uncomfortable, irritated skin, which has been caused by unsuitable cleansing. The whole range uses pH balanced formulas to perfectly clean and remove make-up. All impurities are removed, but the skin doesn’t get stripped. There are three different formulations: the Alpine Softness Micellar Water, the Caress Cleansing Milk and the Caress Toning Lotion. The Alpine Softness Micellar Water* (£12.50 for 200ml) is perfect for both sensitive skin and eyes. It dissolves face and eye makeup, with a fragrance, paraben and soap free formula. 
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