Saturday, 16 April 2016

The £6 palette without compromise | Girls On Film Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution was launched in March 2014 in London, their aim to provide performance and quality in every product, without breaking the bank. When they launched, the brand reminded me of Make Up Academy, which offered disappointing product after disappointing product. The difference is that Makeup Revolution products have never left me feeling disappointed and it's definitely not a compromise between quality and price. Now in 2016 Makeup Revolution have well over 300 products, working incredibly fast to bring out new and interesting products as quickly as they can.

Whenever I ask on Twitter from product recommendations, I universally get the answer 'try the eyeshadow palettes'. I have to say that I'm a huge eyeshadow palette fan, so it takes a lot to impress me. They are products I like to splurge on and I actually rarely buy palettes on the high street. However, after much deliberation, I picked up one of the famous Salvation palettes, in the shade 'Girl On Film'.

It's worth noting that this palette only costs £6, yet it comes boxed and the palette itself is packaged in a strong plastic casing. It feels sturdy and total worthy of chucking in your suitcase when packing for a holiday. There's even a full length mirror which is perfect if you want to put this in a travel makeup bag. The palette is FULL of eyeshadows, in total there are 18 whopping shades; 12 are shimmer shades and six are matte. It's nice to see that matte eyeshadows are becoming more common on the high street, you are no longer faced with only shimmers when you browse in Boots or Superdrug. Each of the 18 shades have been chosen to compliment each other, making it easy for both beauty experts and novices to create an impressive makeup look. 

Remember when I mentioned that Makeup Revolution create products without compromise? Well I'm pleased to say that the shades are all beautifully pigmented and they have very little fallout! Fallout seems to be almost unavoidable on the high street, but Makeup Revolution has found a happy medium. 

I'm honestly very impressed with everything I've tried from Makeup Revolution so far. It's not only a great brand for beginners, but it's also a great brand for beauty junkies. You're not compromising on quality, but you are gaining some great products for your collection. You can shop the Makeup Revolution range on their website, but also at Superdrug online (here) and in stores.
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