Friday, 15 April 2016

An Introduction to Paul & Joe Beauty | Blushers

Paul & Joe are one of those brands that I've seen a lot on the bloggersphere, loved the look of but never got round to trying. Their approaching to creating makeup is totally unique and they really breathe fun into everything they do. Every item they create is designed with retro chic in mind and it feels luxurious and delicate. They are certainly the type of beauty products every beauty fan would love to have on their dressing table.

Sophie Mechaly, the founder of Paul & Joe wanted the whole brand to have a Parisian feel. She wanted to the products to perfectly convey the Parisian way of life, in particular the idea of enjoying life and valuing every moment. She wanted the Paul & Joe to really bring a sense of happiness to your makeup routine. Formulation wise, the Paul & Joe beauty products are created with two things in mind; creamy moisture and radiance. Their aim is to create that healthy radiance, that looks like the glow is coming from within. The products are designed to be not only creamy to the touch, but also hydrating so they are comfortable to wear all year round. 

The Paul & Joe blushers are created with a 'refill strategy', the blushers are created in a variety of shades and then you can buy your favourite compacts to hold your favourites. It adds a real air of personalisation to your beauty collection - which I love, but it makes it difficult for the indecisive amongst us. Each of the blushers are embossed with either the Paul & Joe logo or a Chrysanthemum, which is the brands motif.  

The Powder Blush is perfect for Springtime! The blush comes in ten different shades, meaning that no matter your taste or your skin tone, you'll find something to suit. The Powder Blush is designed to be a velvety smooth powder, inspired by the multi-dimensional hues of Springtime flowers. The blushers are a dual compact, which means you can blend the two colours to create your custom shade, or you can use the two shades individually. The shades have been designed to give you a highlighting shade and a more contouring shade is each pair, so that you can delicately contour if you wish to. 

My personal favourites include Secret D’or* (shade 01), as it’s a combination of champagne and gold, which is really pretty as a highlighter. Shade 04* is called ‘Cinema’ and it’s a blend of orange and pink to create something brighter. Have you tried anything from Paul & Joe? I'd love some product recommendations about what I should be trying next!
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