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Five Questions for Dionne, MD of Bronnley England | British Beauty Week

Back in 2013, right here on Hope, Freedom, Love I ran a four-part series, which covered my favourite products from the British beauty industry. Three years later, I’m back with a new and improved British Beauty Series. This week I’m bringing you FIVE amazing British brands and sharing with you why I love them so much. I have some fabulous new products and I even have two exclusive interviews with the ladies behind some of the brands. Today I'm bringing you an interview with Dionne, the Managing Director of British brand Bronnley England.

Bronnley was one of the original creators of fine fragrance in the UK, created by James Bronnley. James had been studying the art of perfumery in France in the early 1880s and returned to the UK. In the 1880's most of the popular fragrances were imported into the UK from France. He had a vision and a dream to make homemade English fragrances right here in the UK.  He borrowed £300 from a friend and set up his business in a small shed, little did he know that by 1904, his business would be so big that he would need his own factory. Later James decided to add soaps and toiletries to his collection, he even added products that were quite innovative for the time, such as dry shampoo and luxury hand creams. Bronnley just kept growing and by the early 1900's, Bronnley had earned quite the reputation. He regularly sold products to Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Masons, as well as Macys.

What is most exciting to me, is that James Bronnley had strong and long lasting principles for the brand, which still are alive today. Quality always comes first and their dedication to quality earned them a Royal Warrant, which they've held since 1943. I couldn't resist asking Dionne, the Managing Director of British brand Bronnley England a few questions. I wanted to know her thoughts about the brand and what the future holds.

Tell us a bit about Bronnley as a brand and its USP?
Bronnley is a British brand steeped in history. We have been creating beautiful perfumes, soaps, bath & body products since 1884, which makes us one of the oldest perfumery brands in the UK. Our heart is in perfumery and whenever we create a perfume we ensure we use the finest ingredients. We also pride ourselves in taking our stunning scents into luxury soap, bath & body products.

What makes Bronnley special?
Bronnley was founded with such strong and deep foundations; these have enabled the brand to exist for over 130 years. Bronnley is quintessentially British, with an outstanding heritage and a founder that was incredibly pioneering.

How does Bronnley’s British roots show in the brand and how to you propose to retain the brand heritage?
The British heritage of Bronnley is reinforced by our Royal Warrant, which we have proudly held since 1943.  Today all of our products are still made in the UK. 

What is your personal favourite product from Bronnley?
I love our new Zealous Flower Eau de Toilette, the signature fragrance of our Eclectic Elements collection.  It is a stunning scent that competes with any fine fragrance, perfect for those day’s I want to make a statement.

What does the future hold for Bronnley?
The future for Bronnley is exciting, our newEclectic Elementperfume collection was introduced last year and later this year we launch our extensive indulgence body collection. This shows our continued passion for perfumery and luxury bath & body products. We are looking forward to exhibiting our new collections to a global audience at Cosmoprof in March 16.

Thanks so much to Dionne for taking the time to answer my questions, I've really loved hearing more about Bronnley. I really hope you all found it interesting, Bronnley have such an extraordinary story! Why not head to the Bronnley website and discover more about the products on offer. 
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