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Innovation in the Nail Industry by Nails Inc | British Beauty Week

Back in 2013, right here on Hope, Freedom, Love I ran a four-part series, which covered my favourite products from the British beauty industry. Three years later, I’m back with a new and improved British Beauty Series. This week I’m bringing you FIVE amazing British brands and sharing with you why I love them so much. I have some fabulous new products and I even have two exclusive interviews with the ladies behind some of the brands. For my last blog post I wanted to talk about a nail brand and of course, it had to be Nails Inc.

Nails Inc first launched in the UK 15 years ago and it was the brain child of Thea Green, a young entrepreneur. Thea had spent some time working in the US as a Fashion Editor for Tatler and she spotted a gap in the market. On the streets of New York City she saw a wealth of nail bars and noticed that it was something the UK really lacked. She saw an opening in the UK market for a high quality manicures, made for the woman who didn't have much time.

In 1999, Nails Inc opened up their first Nail Bar in the West End of London on South Molton Street. After expanding to three stores, in 2000 Nails Inc decided to open department store concessions which in 2016 includes; Harvey Nichols,Selfridges, Fenwick, House of Fraser, and DebenhamsNails Inc is now the UK's largest nail bar chain, serving on average 10,000 customers per week through 60 locations. The company is based all over the world, including stores in the UK, USA, France, Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong.

There is absolutely no doubt that Nails Inc is one of the biggest innovators in the nail industry. They pride themselves on bringing famous colours, formulations and special effects to the masses. They often dabble with huge fashion collaborations and A-list celebrities, with Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevingne as part of their modern line-up. Today Nails Inc have more than 150 colours and special effects, which include everything from classic nudes such as Porchester Square, to their brand new 'Spray Can Nail Polish'. They are continuously pushing the boundaries and bringing new shades to the high street. 

Nails Inc are actually a brand that I rarely buy myself, I find them a little too pricey for a treat to myself. However, their products and gift sets are always at the top of my birthday and Christmas wish lists. There is something about their products that I just love, the formulas are beautiful and ever since they switched to the square bottle shape, I've been utterly obsessed. 

I'm always drawn to their special effect polishes as I feel like they often have they little bit extra to offer. Some of my favourite shades have to be the Gel Effect Manicure polishes as they offer me a thick, glossy manicure that lasts and lasts. However, my prized possessions have the be the glitter shades which add the dazzle to each and every manicure. I'd love to hear about your favourite shades from Nails Inc, let me know in the comments below!
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