Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Notes From My Holiday: Niagara Falls

For today’s lifestyle post, I’m returning to my ‘Notes From My Holiday’ series. In June and July I spent three weeks in America (and Canada) hitting up some of the more touristy and famous destinations. The next place on my list to tell you about is Niagara Falls, which we experienced from the Canadian side.

I’d actually never read much about Niagara Falls, so I honestly had no idea what to expect. First of there are two parts to the Falls that you can see from the Canadian side. There’s the American Falls; a very pretty waterfall falling over rocks and then of course The Horseshoe Falls, which is the more famous half. Which made for a funny joke, as I complained that the falls are ‘nothing like the pictures’. It was only when I turned to the left to see the real falls, that I realised I’d been looking at the wrong thing! 

I have to say, that whilst the pictures are fabulous, it’s honestly something that is only done justice by seeing it with your own eyes. It’s absolutely breathtaking from the colour of the water, to the mist that rises from the middle! We were only at Niagara Falls for two nights, so we opted for all the classic tourist activities. 

First up on the list was the Hornblower Cruise, which takes you as close as is physically possible to Niagara Falls. It’s safe to say that it’s pretty wet on the boat and the mist makes it pretty impossible to get a good view! If you don’t want to get drenched, take a waterproof coat with you, the cute red ponchos don’t provide you with much coverage! Cameras are pretty much off limits (unless you have a waterproof case) we just took our Go Pro, which provided some hilarious footage! The boats can get pretty busy in peak times, so it’s good to go when it’s likely to be quieter. It just means you have a bit more space and less queues to tackle! 

We also decided to do ‘The Journey Behind The Falls’ which, as you may guess, takes you behind Niagara Falls. The journey consisted of a swift lift ride, followed by an underground tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, there are  two windows where you could see the water crashing down in front of you. Even in non-peak times, the queues to look out of these windows, was incredibly long. Top tip – the windows are exactly the same, so you really do not have to queue for both! We thought they were different, so we ended up queuing for both which was a bit disappointing. After the tunnel, you’re also taken out on to a platform to the side of the falls, where you got a better view. They provided us with yellow ponchos this time and we didn’t expect to get very wet. However, I can confirm that you get drenched again by the mist (and the water when the wind blows). I’m not sure I’d recommend ‘The Journey Behind The Falls’ unless you feel compelled to try it, it was quite expensive and you don’t gain a lot by doing it! 

Whilst we were in Canada we had to hit up Tim Hortons, which was every bit as good as I imagined. We all had different flavoured donuts, but I personally opted for the chocolate glazed donut, which was amazing! We also went to IHOP for breakfast too, which again lived up to expectations, even if it was too many pancakes for one human to consume!

I’d love to know what you think of Niagara Falls? Have you visited? Would you want to?
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