Monday, 10 August 2015

Redken Curvaceous Shampoo & Conditioner

Caring for curly hair is harder than you might think, especially when you have permed hair like I do. As my hair isn’t naturally curly, I don’t have the common issues related to curly hair. Instead I need products that will make my curls stay in place all day. 

One particular area that this is difficult is with shampoo and conditioner. I’ve spoken about this in depth before, although there are a load of products, few are directly for my hair type.  Although I’ve exhausted a lot of what the high street have to offer, but I’ve always wanted to try a ‘high end’ product. The question was where to start? I’ve been a fan of the Curvaceous styling products from Redken, so I figured that their shampoo and condition might be a good thing to try.

I opted for the Curvaceous Cream shampoo and conditioner duo, created for refining curls, making them smooth and separated. When they first arrived, I was surprised at how small the bottles felt, then actually have 50ml more than my normal shampoo, but it felt much lighter and smaller. This was pretty good news considering as I was about to take them on a plane to America!

The shampoo itself is a deeply cleansing formula, your hair feels squeaky clean after use. This normally makes my hair feel really dry, but actually my hair felt silky and soft. You can imagine how humid it is in America, but this shampoo completely left frizz on another planet. I was completely shocked at how frizz-free my hair was, it’s nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The conditioner was thick in consistency and my hair loved it! It left my hair feeling full of moisture, whilst defining my curls and without making it feel heavy. 

What I will say is that the shampoo is really low lather, you have to use a lot of it if you like a lather when washing your hair. Which of course means you race through a bottle, which is a pain when it’s fairly pricey. It is however sulphate-free, which means it doesn’t strip your hair as much, great if you’ve had treatments. 

I’m a big fan of the Curvaceous Cream shampoo and conditioner duo from Redken. You can really tell it’s more of a high end product, which I love. The only problem I really had was that I got through it so quickly, which makes me worry about the price of my toiletry bill! The Redken Curvaceous Cream shampoo and conditioner duo retail for around £12-£15 each, it completely depends where you buy them from. Look Fantastic often have them on offer if you feel like giving them a try, such as a bundle of the two for £20 here.
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