Sunday, 30 August 2015

NOTD: Pear Purple

It still amazes me that a couple of years ago I wouldn't have touched Models Own with a bargepole, I just found their formulas sloppy and awful. Fast forward two years and I cannot get enough of this high street brand. Their formulas have vastly improved and I keep adding more and more polishes to my collection. 

The Diamond Luxe collection launched almost a year ago now! The collection featuring ten brand new polishes that aimed to bring luxury to the Models Own brand. The ten polishes were unlike anything Models Own had made before, because each polish contains real Diamond Dust. Each polish was packed in a special limited edition bottle, featuring gold lettering and a gold cap. 

The Diamond Dust adds something really unique to your nails, as it makes the polish look very shimmery. The subtle Diamond Dust adds some sparkle to the polish and it really catches the light which I love. All the gimmicks aside, the Diamond Luxe collection performs well. The polish is smooth and it applies really well to the nails. It tries quickly too, which means a fast manicure is not out of the question! 

Pictured is the shade 'Pear Purple' which is lovely lilac shade, which is really brought to life by the sparkle. It just adds a little extra dimension to your standard pastel nail polish! You can pick up Pear Purple and the other Diamond Luxe polishes from the Models Own website here, for just £4.99. 
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