Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Eylure Brow Crayon

Eylure are well known in the beauty industry for the eyelashes, but they recently added some brow products to the line. When the Eylure brow collection launched, I was instantly really intrigued. The range features a whole load of brow products, from crayons to pencils, to palettes to tints. I was stuck with what to try first, but in the end, I decided to try the Brow Crayon. 

The Eylure Brow Crayon comes packaged in a sleek white box, with some very basic typography, which I think looks really sophisticated. Inside the box, you get a black tube which is matt and has some white writing on the tube. The product itself is a retractable pencil, you just twist the top of the pencil and it appears. 

I have to say that the how formulation of the crayon is completely different to any other pencil I've tried before. The crayon itself is quite a soft pencil, so you do not have to apply much pressure to use it, which I love. The pencil is very pigmented, so you just need a light hand, a little goes a long way! The crayon itself is a waxy texture, which means that it's quite a heavy texture, but that it holds your brows in place all day. The texture also allows you to create real shape in your brows, what I tend to do is fill in my brows with the pencil, if I end up applying too much product, I brush my brows through with a spoolie. 

All-in-all I'm really impressed with The Eylure Brow Crayon, and it's only £6.45 which I think is a really fair price. If you're interested, it comes in three colours; blonde, mid brown and dark brown. I opted for mid brown, which is the perfect shade for my brunette brows!
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