Friday, 10 July 2015

My Holiday Toiletries

Sadly my holiday is almost over, it's almost time to head back to work and blogging reality. Along with my summer essentials (which you can read about here), there are some everyday holiday toiletries, which have made their way into my suitcase. There's a real mixture of products that I've relied on and luckily, none of them disappointed me!

First up in the skincare category, I have a real gimmick and something I fell hook, line and sinker for. The super cute, miniature bottle of the Garnier Cleansing Water! This micellar water has been part of my routine since it's launch (I actually prefer it to Bioderma)! Normally it comes in a huge bottle, which means it lasts a long time, but it's a pain to carry. These little bottles are travel friendly and they lasted the length of my three week holiday with ease. Another product that stayed firmly in my travel bag since my last trip, is the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water. This is great for cooling down, but also fantastic for hydrating the skin after a long flight or a long day in the sun.

For the body, first of all I have my deodorant of choice; Dove Maximum Protection. A friend of mine introduced me to this and it's never let me down! It makes my under arms a sweat-free AND odor zone, perfect when you're wondering around Washington DC and it's 39 degrees (ouch)! I chose to take away the Original Source Coconut Shower Gel, mainly as it's cheap, it's a travel friendly bottle and it's got a nice summery scent. The only real problem with this is that I finished the bottle two weeks into my holiday. 

I actually take away several body lotions away with me on holiday, as my skin can get incredibly dry after the plane journey. When you pair that with three weeks of non-stop air-con, it's pretty problematic. I packed this mini tub of Body Butter from The Body Shop for severe dry patches. My last essential is the Colab Dry Shampoo, which I actually used much less than I thought I would! I actually washed my hair more than I would normally as the sweat and heat really got to my locks, thus I didn't really need dry shampoo.

I'm sad to be leaving the USA soon, but I'll definitely be glad to be coming home to my usual beauty stash AND MY OWN BED! What to you miss most when you travel? 
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