Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Notes From My Holiday: Washington DC

A whole week has gone by since I returned from my holiday. We went on a bit of a whirlwind tour of the East Coast of America; Washington DC, Ohio for Cedar Point, Niagara Falls, Boston and New York City. I thought I’d share some of my holiday snaps with you all over the coming weeks, which I hope you will enjoy. I personally love looking through people’s holiday snaps. I’m going to move through the holiday in chronological order, starting with Washington DC.

Washington DC is of course home to The White House, but it’s also home to a whole host of memorials, monuments and museums. It’s practically the ‘three M’s’ that make up the whole place. I actually thought that Washington DC would be hideously tourist focused, but it was actually one of the better places we visited.

We started off at The White House and then went for a walk to the WW2 Memorial and then The Reflecting Pool, probably my two favourite places in the whole of Washington. It sounds weird, but water is probably one of my favourite things, lets be honest, it does make for a pretty picture too. I should add that the whole time we were in Washington it was between 35 and 39 degrees, which meant it was blisteringly hot.

The next day we went on a tour of all the different memorials and monuments in Washington. My three favourites being The Martin Luther King Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial and The Korean War Memorial (the one with the statues in the grass). It was Father’s Day, so hundreds of people had left roses at the Vietnam Memorial in remembrance, it was very pretty but incredibly moving.

Washington DC is home to the Washington Monument (the long tall thing that looks like a giant pencil) and it can be seen from practically anywhere in Washington. It makes for a particularly pretty picture almost everywhere you go.

Whilst we were in Washington we also visited The Capitol Building, which is home to the United States Congress. It was actually under construction when we were there, which meant we couldn’t see all the pretty painting on the Rotunda. However, we did visit the both the houses and had a listen to the debates.

One thing I particularly recommend if you’re visiting Washington DC, is the Holocaust Museum. It’s literally packed with history and stories about the Holocaust and I learnt a lot whilst I was there. We also visited The International Spy Museum, which is much more light hearted, you get to test your spy skills! However my favourite museum type place was the Bureau Of Printing & Engraving, where they print all the US money - no pictures allowed inside though I'm afraid! 
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