Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Formula X – The System

I’ve had my eye on ‘The System’ from Formula X for longer than I can remember. It’s been featured on lots of blogs and in loads of videos, so I was desperate to give it a go. The main issue was that it’s hard to ship nail polish in the US, as it’s considered Hazmat, so I had to wait to I could pop into an actual store. Whilst in the Times Square store in New York, I caved and added it to my basket. You’ll be pleased to hear that I have no regrets!

The System is a four-piece manicure kit, which is designed to give you everything you need for an at-home manicure. In the box you get three nail bottles and then you get to choose any colour you like to complete the set. I spent way too long debating what colour I wanted, but in the end I settled on ‘Outrageous’, which is a gorgeous lilac shade – more on that another time.

The first bottle in the kit is the ‘CLEANSE’ nail cleaner, which is essentially a nail polish remover. It’s infused with witch hazel, vitamin E and cucumber extract. It’s designed to remove any residue from your nail. It’s pretty easy to use, you just brush it on and wait for it to dry, which is basically instantaneous. It leaves your nails squeaky clean, my only issue is that my nails looked really dry and brittle after using it. So I’m not sure if I’m going to follow this step every time!

Next you have PRIME, which is the base coat! Formula X say that it’s a multi-tasking base coat, as it’s preventing staining, protecting the nail and then adding as an adhesive layer. Again, the base coat meets all of its claims! At the weekend I tested this with a bright blue polish and it left no staining or colour on the nail. It also dries really quickly, which allows you to speed through your manicure, which is a must for me!

Last but not least, we have SHINE, which is the top coat. I will say now that it takes a lot for a top coat to impress me. Most I’ve tried really full short of what I think a top coat should do, but this is fabulous! It applies like a dream and it dries so quickly, it also leaves a high-shine glossy finish, which is beautiful. Once it’s dried the colour doesn’t smudge and I don’t get any push back on my nails either.

All in all this is an impressive little kit! It retails for $32, which includes the free nail colour (which is worth $12 alone). With the exchange rate and all, it’s very reasonable and not too pricey at all. I highly recommend picking a set up if you have the chance!
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