Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Little Box June vs. July

As I’ve been on holiday for a little while, I’m a bit behind on my favourite subscription box – ‘My Little Box’. So I thought I would bundle June and July into one handy blog post with a little comparison review. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a bit of a rut with beauty boxes, and I feel like they need a bit of a shake up. There was a time when I had four subscriptions on the go, but now only My Little Box remains. What I like is that their boxes are a little bit different, everything is very cute, they feature some lovely artwork and even some lifestyle items.

My Little French Riviera Box (June)
This box is simply gorgeous, a sailboat sits on the ocean filled with little fish, the actual boxes from My Little Box are works of art. Inside the box we have two lifestyle items and three beauty items.

The first lifestyle item in the box are some super chic sunglasses from Sarah Lavoine, an interior designer. They are round lens in a matt, retro purple shade. The second item is a pair of planters, which you can use for your plants, but you can also use them for pens, makeup and other cute things.

The three beauty items are a bit of a mixture too. First of all we have a gorgeous blue nail polish that Sarah Lavoine picked out herself. "A deep blue with a touch of green, as if we had just dipped his fingers into a lagoon, there's my timeless colour". This is going straight on my nails, it’s gorgeous! You can learn more about it at The second beauty item is a product from Kérastase, which is a brand that has featured before in My Little Box. This is a treatment which aims to tame your frizz or unruly hair. The last item is ‘Happy Exfoliation’ which is made by My Little Beauty, it’s a gorgeous sea salt scrub, perfect for prepping for a summer tan!

My Little Road Trip Box (July)
July’s My Little Box is dedicated to the road trip, making sure you have everything you need for your up and coming holiday. Once again, it’s a box packed with beautiful items. Inside there are three beauty items and FOUR lifestyle items, so it’s packed!

First up lets look at the beauty items! There’s a bottle of my favourite micellar water the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – it’s one of the super cute miniature bottles. I’ve been obsessed with this recently as I took one on holiday with me. There’s also a full sized Essie nail polish, unfortunately mine is in the shade Vices Versa, which is bright neon green. I’m not quite sure when/how I’ll make use of that shade, but I’m going to make it my mission! The last beauty item is the Summer Sorbet by My Little Beauty. It’s designed to be a post-sun cream, designed like an after sun to rescue your skin from sun exposure.

The lifestyle items include a Travel Organiser, which is a plastic wallet to keep your money, tickets, paper souvenirs and passport all in one place. Very handy! The next two items are from BIC, one is a handy pen from their Cristal Stylus range. The other is what My Little Box call ‘Postcard 2.0’ – a little mini notebook that you fill with memories from your holidays and post to a loved one. If all that was not enough, there’s also a mini pack of golden temporary tattoos.

So the question is, what is my favourite box? For once it’s actually a tough question, as I feel like these are the two best boxes we’ve had in a while. However, my favourite is definitely the July box, it’s packed with things I can actually make use of. I also feel like it’s been designed so well, everything works together and makes logical sense to the theme.

If you’re interested in trying My Little Box, you can subscribe here for £11 and £3.95 P&P.
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