Saturday, 13 June 2015

The £5 Concealer That's As Good As MAC

I'm a huge fan of the Lasting Finish collection from Rimmel London. The foundation in particular is such a worth while purchase and it's very common in my makeup routine. When Rimmel London launched the 'Lasting Finish Concealer', I had really high hopes, luckily it didn't let me down.

If we start with the obvious, you have to admit that the Lasting Finish Concealer doesn't come in the nicest packaging. Concealers tend to come in pretty or sleek black packaging, but this breaks the mold. It comes in a bright red pot (which happens to match the packaging of the foundation) and you unscrew the lid to reveal the product inside. 

The concealer itself comes in three different shades; Ivory, Soft Beige and Classic Beige. I opted for Ivory, as it's the shade that I tend to be in all Rimmel products. The concealer is a very thick formula, so I find you need to warm it up a little on your hand. I dip my concealer brush into the pot, and swirl it around on the back of my hand. I then apply the concealer to the areas I need it. Once you've warmed the concealer up a bit, it becomes very lightweight and is easier to blend. 

I've found that the 
Lasting Finish Concealer works better on blemishes and imperfections, than it does under your eyes. Purely because the formula really is quite thick, so it takes a bit of blending. The concealer claims to have high coverage and it's completely true, I've never seen anything quite like it, especially on the high street. It covers blemishes and marks with ease! Once you've applied the Lasting Finish Concealer to your skin, it seems to almost set and it doesn't budge all day. 

I have the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in my collection and I have to say that the Lasting Finish Concealer is very similar. The only real advantage for the MAC concealer is that the colour is a much closer match for my skintone. Otherwise, this is a pretty good dupe and it's over half the price!

The Lasting Finish Concealer is available from Boots (here) and Superdrug (here) for £5.49. 
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