Thursday, 11 June 2015

An Update To My Brush Cleaning Routine

My brush cleaning routine does not regularly change. I feel like I've got it down to a fine art, using Baby Shampoo and warm water for the deep cleans. With the addition of the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaner for spot cleaning in between.

However, I've recently introduced something new to the routine and I'm so happy. 
When I saw the Brush Egg featured on a few blogs, I immediately went and bought one. My old routine involved wetting my brushes, and swirling them in Baby Shampoo in the palm of my hand. However, the worst part of brush cleaning is the soapy, dry, wrinkly hands that you have afterwards. Baby Shampoo isn't the best thing for keeping your hands hydrated and soft. 

The premise of the Brush Egg, is instead of using the palm of your hand, you use the egg. The Brush Egg is made from Silicone and it has ridges and dimples, which allows you to scrub your brushes and remove all the traces of makeup. It's such a small, simple product but it really makes the world of difference. It certainly encourages me to wash my brushes more often!

The best part is that the Brush Egg on eBay is only £3.49 (link here), with an extra £1 for delivery. So it's really not a huge investment - you can get them even cheaper if you're prepared to wait for them to arrive from China!  
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