Sunday, 10 May 2015

Make Your Cheeks Pop With Clinique

I can honestly remember the Clinique Cheek Pop launching and being utterly obsessed with them. Initially, this love was entirely fickle (lets be honest these things are so pretty) but it's quickly become a staple in my collection. 

I actually tried to buy one of these on more than one occasion. Everywhere I went, they seemed to be out of stock. I ended up delaying a whole year before I got my hands on one. However, I finally bought one recently and there's no looking back! After much deliberation, in the end I opted for Berry Pop, as I'm a bit of berry addict.

The Clinique Cheek Pop is an interesting formula, when you touch it, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a cream. However, technically, it's a liquid pigment which turns into smooth powder during a slow baking process. It leaves this beautiful texture which is so light, it's not cakey and it's not powdery. It's pure genius! Cheek Pop comes packaged in a clear plastic casing, which of course, lets the beauty of the flower pattern shine through. The packaging is sleek and compact, which makes it great for travelling. 

Luckily this blusher is more than a just pretty face, the formula is beautiful too! I take my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I brush it over the top of the compact. The blusher is a lovely colour and the brush picks up pigmentation with no issues. It applies like a dream too, the colour looks so natural and dewy, however if you do apply too much it blends out effortlessly. I was worried that with use, the beautiful daisy pattern would disappear. However, so far (I've been using it for a good month) the pretty pattern is still in fighting form. 

I highly recommend the Clinique Cheek Pop's, I know that I'm definitely going to invest in at least one other shade. They retail for £16.50 and you can pick them up from Boots here

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