Saturday, 9 May 2015

Tesco Beauty Sessions - Free Beauty Advice

When Beauty at Tesco announced the launch of Tesco Beauty Sessions, I thought it was a genius concept. If you have not heard of them yet, they are free of charge, beauty consultations with beauty industry experts.

You simply head to the website (here), pick your expert and a time and you're all set. Now there are a lot of beauty experts to choose from, including fabulous beauty bloggers (London Beauty Queen and The Beauty Junkie are both part of the crew)! Each of the beauty experts have there own specialities and skill sets, so you simply pick your favourite or the one that suits your needs.

The consultation itself is a Google Hangout, you simply need a laptop and a webcam to get started. If you're worried, the Beauty at Tesco team will give you a quick call before the chat to test your connection. They send you a link to your hangout to your email and you click the link when it's time to chat. Each of the Tesco Beauty Sessions lasts between 15-20 minutes. 

What really caught my eye recently were the Rimmel Beauty Sessions. Regular Beauty Session slots, however they were held in collaboration with Rimmel London. I managed to bag a slot on the first week, it was with Jen from The Beauty Junkie talking on-the-go makeup. 

I joined the hangout in my lunch break at work and I was super excited to chat! Jen asked me about my general makeup routine, what I wear, how much, how often etc. Then she ran me through some of Rimmel's products tailoring them to my needs. She shared lots of great tips about making makeup last all day and how to make reapplying on-the-go pain free. I had the chance to ask lots of questions and the whole experience was just lovely. An added bonus of the Rimmel Beauty Sessions, was that they sent you a little goodie bag of products when the chat was over. As you can see, I have lots of goodies to try now, many of them are the products Jen spoke about during the chat!

The special Rimmel Beauty Sessions are sadly over now, however there are slots for Tesco Beauty Sessions every weekday. I'm definitely going to be booking another one in the near future!

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