Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stephanie's Spring Scents

When the sun starts to shine, I quickly switch to my light airy scents! I thought it was time to share with you some of my favourites!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
This is the strongest of all three scents! To write this post I've sprayed them all on a piece of paper in front of me and this is the only one I can smell. To me it has a very clean scent which has floral base. I'm talking a clean cotton which has been paired with daisies. As it settles it leaves a musky scent which has a strong scent of coconut, which happens to be my favourite scent of all time! I wore this a lot last summer and it reminds me of holidays by the beach. Being Marc Jacobs, it has the most beautiful bottle too, I think it's my favourite packaging of all the Marc Jacobs scents! 

See By Chloe
This is the latest addition to my perfume collection and I've been obsessed with wearing it recently. To me this smells the most floral but it's not got that sharp base that you get with some floral scents. Instead it's incredibly wearable, it settles with a woody vanilla scent but with the floral scents still coming through. This perfume is packaged in a gorgeous bird cage bottle which has a pretty silver lid, so pretty! 

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier*
This one isn't actually a perfume, instead it's described as a 'Fragrant Water'. So you can imagine that it's the lightest of the three. It's also the sweetest of the three and instead of being floral, it's fruity. It's rare for me to like a fruity scent in perfume, so this is pretty unique for my collection! Obviously the main ingredient of this is fig pulp which smells beautiful, but it's just got a real sweetness about it. It reminds me of a particular sweet, but I cannot but my finger on what it actually is. Being a fragrant water it's obviously the cheapest of the three, but it's also the one that needs reapplying through the day.

What scents do you like to wear in Spring?

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