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The Benefit Of Glass Nail Files

The Benefit Of Glass Nail Files - Dr Lewinn's Review

I'm quickly coming round to the idea of using glass nail files. I used to be a huge fan of the normal 'classic' emery boards, but there are actually lots of advantages to using glass. 

They Leave Your Nails In A Better Condition
Emery boards are designed to be used only in one direction, but most people ignore this. They leave your nails quite brittle and damaged. However, glass files your nails a little differently! They are not as harsh as sandpaper, and instead of tearing the nail, the glass fuses the ends of your nails together. This in turn makes them stronger and stops them from breaking and chipping. Glass files also tend to be sharper which means that they leave a nice smooth finish. 

No Sound & No Mess
To me emery boards sound horrible! They have a sawing effect which to me sounds like nails on a chalk board - yuck! Glass files are smooth and delicate, so they actually make no sound at all! Which if you're sensitive to sounds like me, is a huge bonus! They also make a LOT less mess than your classic emery board. Both of these factors makes them easier to use whilst on-the-go!

Long Life
Another huge bonus is that they last longer! A normal emery board can go blunt very quickly, perhaps in two/three uses. However, glass files last a lot longer, in fact many files promise a 'lifetime'! If they don't promise a lifetime, you can normally get at least a years worth of use from one file!

They Are Washable
This tends to be a benefit for the professional beauticians amongst us, but glass files are actually washable. This means they can be sterilised after each use; you just wash them with soap and water and spray them with antiseptic spray. Some people actually put their glass nail files in the dishwasher!  

There are loads of glass files on the market, but the one I'm currently using is one by Dr Lewinn's*. It's double sided and it is pointed at one end which allows you to be more precise. Like most glass files, the Dr Lewinn's Glass Nail File, also comes with a little white pouch which protects it (and your other belongings) when it's rattling around your handbag. 

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